Invitation Wordings For First Birthday Party

First Birthday Invitation Wordings/ Sample Invitation Wordings For First Birthday Party/What To Write In A First Birthday Party Invitation card

First birthday party is special for the proud parents. The first birthday party is indeed a great time to share and multiply your joy of an year of parenthood. When you send the first birthday  party messages do take care that you express the joy and pride of parenthood in a informal and natural way as possible. 

Make it a fun-filled affair and let the language of your first birthday invitation message reflect the fun and joyous moments you have in store for your guests. Here is a perfect list of first birthday party invitation wordings to help you make a start.  

  • Balloons and cakes, toys and lots of fun ! 
    Let us celebrate together as Laura turns one. 

  • Sarah is turning One
  • Join us on .............  to have 
  • loads of Fun! 

    • Choo, Choo.... Hop on Board and join the Fun Little Remy is turing One! 

    • Hip Hip Horray !Its Amanda's First Birthday!  
    • Join us on .............  to have loads of Fun! 

    • An year ago, (name) came into our lives as a cute and naughty bundle of joy. We didn’t even realize when the time passed. Now, as he turns one, let us celebrate an year of memories that tickle, tease and make you cry. Let us celebrate his first birthday together.

    • Remember this day buddy? When I made a frantic call to you in the middle of the night. I stammered and laughed and cried with joy as I shared my life’s greatest moment. This little one made me a Dad. That was exactly one year ago. So let’s get her a fabulous cake. Let’s party. After all, the little lovely lady is now 365 days old.

    • It’s my first birthday. Mamma and Papa tell me that you are very special for them and me too. They said you were overjoyed when you heard about my joining the family. So here I am. All of 12 months old. Won’t you come over for cake, candy and balloons? Please meet me at….on……. 

    • Hey pal get your beautiful daughter’s favorite party dress out of the closet. It’s my little girl’s first birthday and you simply have to come. See you on …….

    • Remember our favorite Carpenter’s song – It’s Yesterday Once More ? Well, seems like yesterday that little (name) was born. And look at her now. She’s going to be an year old. Let’s relive the moments. I shall be waiting for you on ……… at ……

    • Tempus fugit and how! I still can’t believe my little one has made me go through 365 days of sleepless nights, strong coffee-filled days and mad moments that have me completely hooked to my baby. Well, there she is. A cute, adorable and Mamma’s pet turning one year old. So let’s celebrate the irresistible charms of the little one and the joys of motherhood on ……..

    • We’re throwing a small get-together for our baby’s first birthday. Do come and bless him.

    • My dear you’ve been a part of our family so it seems a little awkward to invite you. So I’ll say just drop in at our baby’s first birthday party. See you there.

    • Chubby cheeks, dimple chin, adorable angel with a naughty heart within. My little angel is now a big girl of 365 days. And you have to multiply the joy of this proud Mamma by coming to her party. The dress code is peach and white. So note it down in your diary and do come.

    • They say a mother lives her childhood dreams through her daughter. I couldn’t agree more! My adorable baby is turning one and I’m throwing a small get-together with only near and dear ones. Do come and shower your blessings on the little one.

    • Time to become a kid once again. Let your hair down on my son’s first birthday party on …… 

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