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Engagement, whether yours or a loved one’s, brings an air of celebration and excitement. Some are caught unaware whereas others react with love and blessings to the news of engagement. 

Here are sample invitation wordings on how to announce to your friends, relatives or colleagues the news of your engagement. Find the perfect engagement party invites right here. You may also like to read  Thank you messages for engagement wishes .

  • We would be pleased to seek the pleasure of your company on the occasion of our granddaughter’s engagement (details)

  • You are cordially invited to the engagement party of our son and the director of our organization. 

  • Wedding bells and gowns; cake and champagne. The lovely couple (names) are ready to take their loving relationship to the next level. The engagement is on (date and details). We would all be delighted of you come and bless the pair.

  • We would be pleased if you join us for an evening of dance and dinner at the engagement of (names). The dress code is …….

  • He popped the question and she blushingly agreed. The fairytale romance of the beautiful couple is now turning into lifetime bond. Do come and share the joy and love at the engagement party of (names)

  • Mrs and Mr. (names) request the pleasure of your company on the occasion of engagement of their daughter (name) with (name) 

  • A party for the soon to be man and wife. Yes the two are getting engaged on (details) Join us as we congratulate them and party the night away.

  • Our dear friend has found her prince charming and the two are soon planning to embark on the journey to their own happily ever after. The engagement is over dinner, dance and music. DO come and bless the lovely couple.

  • We’re getting married. Do join us as we celebrate our togetherness at our engagement which also happens to be the date at which we first met! 

  • Let’s get together to celebrate the engagement of my darling sister (name) with her long-time beau (name) over an evening of cocktail and dance.

  • Celebrations and congratulations are in the air. The globe-trotting bohemian couple have finally found a place to settle down and are getting engaged in a quiet ceremony attended only by their close friends and loved ones. Hope to see you there! 

  • We are pleased to announce our engagement dinner party on (day), (date and time) at (address). 

  • Jude Hemsworth and Julia Welchs are getting engaged! Celebrate with them the story of their love and happiness. An engagement party is set on (date and time) at (address). 

  • At last, we are getting engaged! A celebration of love and commitment will be announced on (date and time) at (venue) for Jude Hemsworth and Julia Welchs. Your confirmation will be appreciated. 

  • Truly in Love – You are invited to a special dinner celebration for the engagement party of Jude and Julia on (date and time) at (venue). 

  • I finally found my special someone, and she said “yes”! Please attend our engagement party on (date and time) at (venue) . With my fiance, Julia Welchs, I am excited to share the joy in our hearts. 

  • Jude Hemsworth and Julia Welchs are throwing a party to announce their engagement on (date and time) at (venue). Please be there on time. 

  • You are cordially invited to an engagement party celebration of Jude and Julia. Witness their love for each other as they announces the start of their life together. 

  • “The journey was a crooked long road, but when I found her it’s worth it” I am happy to present you my future wife, Julia, on our engagement party set on (date and time) at my residence (address). Thank you for giving time to this special occasion, it means a lot to me. 

  • A big toast to a soon-to-be wedding couple! You are invited to an engagement party of Jude and Julia on (date and time) to be held at Jude’s residence at (address). 

  • Great news! we are getting engaged! Please join us on a swimming engagement party on (date and time) at our residence located at (address). 

  • He said “Will you marry me?” She Said “Yes my dear”! You are invited to Jude and Julia’s engagement party on (date and time) at (venue). 

  • Future Mr. & Mrs Hemsworth would like to request your presence on a special dinner for their family and friends for their engagament announcement on (date and time) at (venue). RSVP contact person and numbers 

  • “Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing.”by Goethe. A union of love will be celebrated on (date and time) at (address). Do not miss this engagement ceremony in honor of the couple, Jude and Julia. 

  • (Parents of groom-to-be) Mr. & Mrs Hemsworth and (Parents of bride-to-be) Mr. & Mrs. Welchs are pleased to invite you to their son, Jude, and daughter, Julia, for the engagement announcement on (date and time) to be held at (address). 

  • Let us share the happiness of the new couple and soon-to-be groom and bride-to-be. Blessing from family and friends are great to start with a marriage life together. Join us as we give honor to the couple,Jude and Julia.
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