Christening And Baptism

Invitation Wordings For Christening/ Sample Invitation Wordings For Baptism/ Sample Invitation Wordings For Christening/ Christening Inviation Wordings

Invite your loved ones with baptism/ Christening invitation  messages that convey the regard you have for them and the love and blessings you would cherish for a lifetime for your child. 

Baptism is an act of selfless devotion and immense faith and a special step in the journey of your child’s life indeed. Here are a few sample baptism/christening messages to choose from.

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  • With immense pleasure we would like to invite you to join us for our beloved son ….(name)’s Baptism. The ceremony will be held on (date/time/venue) 

  • May the Lord provide guidance and loving care to our daughter at every step of her life. Let us all get together for her Baptism and pray that He showers His blessings on her. 

  • You are cordially invited to our daughter’s Baptism ceremony. A small celebration will be held at our residence after the ceremony. We would be delighted if you could grace the Baptism ceremony.

  • With your love and blessings our sweet baby will be Baptised. Please come and bless her.

  • Join us as we celebrate the Baptism of our son with a party at……… 

  • You are invited to the Baptism Ceremony of our daughter. Your love and prayers would be highly appreciated.

  • It is a milestone in our son’s life when he will be Baptised in the presence of loved ones. Please join us and make this occasion even more memorable. 

  • Baptism Ceremony is a time of blessings and prayers. Your presence will add a special touch of love and care.

  • Amidst the prayers and the blessings of our near and dear ones, the Baptism Ceremony of our lovely daughter will be held. Do come and shower your blessings on our adorable daughter. 

  • Our bundle of joy will be baptized on (date and time) at (venue). Let us welcome (baby’s name) into a life full of promises. 

  • We thank God for blessing us with a baby girl, you are cordially invited to the christening ceremony to be held on (date and time) at (church venue). A luncheon celebration will follow. RSVP before (date), contact numbers or email address

  • Mrs and Mr James would like to invite you to the christening of their grandson/granddaughter (baby’s name) to be held on (date and time) at (church venue). They will be delighted at your presence for this special ceremony to welcome (name) to a new life.

  • Please join us as we celebrate the christening of our son/daughter (baby’s name) to be held on (date and time) at (church venue). Reception will be at (venue) at (time). 

  • When our son/daughter (baby’s name) was born we cannot explain how ecstatic we were when we saw him/her for the first time. Love and happiness explodes when God gave us his gift to us. To celebrate this wonderful blessing, please join us for the christening of (name) on (date and time) at (venue). A special  dinner will follow at (venue). 

  • We are excited to invite you to the christening of (baby’s name) on (date and time) at (church venue) . We will cherish the special moments for this occasion for our first born. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated.

  • Our darling (name – more appropriate for daughter) is ready to face the world with the support of your love and care. We are proud to invite you to the christening of our daughter (name) on (date and time) at (venue).

  • Nine months you are inside your mother’s womb waiting to sneak into the world. Finally, your first cry of joy was heard like music. Our dearest (baby’s name) we are proud to present you to the world…” Please join us in the christening ceremony of (baby’s name) it will be officiated on (date and time) at (church venue). A luncheon reception will follow.

  • Join us in the christening ceremony of our son/daughter on (date and time) at (church venue). Luncheon will follow at our residence (address) RSV (contact numbers)

  • (Baby’s name) will be baptized on (date and time)(church venue) It will be a great pleasure to see you in the baptism ceremony. 

  • You are invited to celebrate the christening of (baby’s name)Date and time, church venue. Reception venue. RSVP (contact numbers)

  • Please join Christine and James Johnson for the christening ceremony of their son/daughter(baby’s name) to be held on (date and time) at (venue)

  • Mr. & Mrs Johnson request your presence at the christening ceremony of their son/daughter (baby’s name) on (date and time) at (venue).

  • Parents, Godparents, and the whole Johnson family welcomes a new member (baby’s name). A christening ceremony will be held on (date and time) at (venue)Please join us on this special occasion for all of us.

Baptism Quotes From the Holy Bible 

You may also add quotes from the Holy Bible accompanying the invitation messages. Some quotes that beautifully express the Baptism/Christening occasion are as follows:

  • “May the Lord give His angels charge over you to guide you in all your ways.” Psalm 91:11

  • “We prayed for this child and the Lord has granted us what we asked of Him.” Samuel 1:27

  • “Every good and perfect give comes from above.” James 1:17

  • “Surely your goodness and love will be with me all my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 23:6 
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