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The wedding day is only a beginning of a lifelong relationship, anniversary puts a seal of true love and togetherness. Here are sample anniversary invitation wordings to choose from if you are you at loss for words. Here you will find an excellent collection of sample invitation wordings for anniversary party. 

To celebrate your love and togetherness with family and friends write the heartfelt and thoughtful invitations. Read on to find the perfect invitation wordings to write in your anniversary party invitation card.

  • You are part of our journey together through these years, we are happy to invite you to our 10th wedding anniversary party on (date and time) at (venue). 

  • The moment we said “yes” to each other and took our vows on our wedding day, we promised and prayed for a strong marriage life. Now looking back after 25 years of marriage, we can say we did it and because you are part of it. Thank you for being there for us. Please celebrate with us on (date and time) at (venue). RSVP (contact numbers).

  • A special dinner will be held on (date and time) at (venue) to celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of Brad and Julia. Witness the celebration of their enduring love for each other and wish them with more years together.

  • Celebrate with Brad and Julia at their 10th wedding anniversary (date and time) at (venue). Mark your calendar for this special occasion, please confirm attendance.

  • Love endures…, Love understands…, Love waits…, Love sacrifices… That is what embodies our love for each other. We thank God for the wonderful gift of love and we thank you for being there to support us through these years. We appreciate your presence on our 20th wedding anniversary party on (date and time) at (venue).

  • Our wedding ring is a diamond ring, looking back a diamond becomes the symbol of of our life together. Our love is like a diamond tested by fire of love and trials through the years. Valuable, precious, crystal clear, and unbreakable. Diamond is forever so as our love for each other. You are invited to an intimate dinner to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary to be held on (date and time) at (venue).  

  • We had 20 years of fabulous and wonderful life together, please join us in our celebration on (date and time) at (venue). It’s a date!

  • One perfect love from two imperfect persons on one imperfect relationship. You are cordially invited to our 20th wedding anniversary on (date and time) at (venue). Share the celebration with us for this perfect moment of our lives. 

  • Please join us as we celebrate the best days of our lives together. After 20 years of marriage, we are still thrilled for each other even if we grow older. Come and join us!

  • Two souls with one heartbeat, after 20 years of marriage we are here to celebrate our togetherness. Our children is the ultimate gift of our love for each other. With our children, Jimmy, Brad Jr, Charlize, and Moira, we would like to request your presence for our 20th wedding anniversary party (date and time) at (venue). 
  • The chidren and the grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Wellington cordially invites you to the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary on (date and time) at (venue). 

  • We thank God for our parents, Brad and Julia Wellington, for their love and support to all of us. As their children, we will be glad to see you at the party to honor our parents. Jimmy , Brad Jr., Charlize, Moira (Signed by each child) 

  • Your presence is requested by children and grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Wellington for their 20th wedding anniversary dinner party to be held on (date and time) at (venue). 

  • Renewal of wedding vows of Mr. and Mrs. Hanks to commemorate their 10th wedding anniversary this coming (date and time) on (venue). RSVP (contact person and contact numbers indicated).

  • 40 years of togetherness is truly inspiring. Your presence is requested to attend our 40th wedding anniversary party celebration on (date and time) on (venue). We will be glad to see you there. 

  • We (couple’s names) request the honor of your presence at a celebration party for our (number of years) wedding anniversary. It will be held at the (place) on (date). Please join us on this exuberant occasion.
  • Celebrate with us our (number of years) anniversary for a lifetime filled with love and sharing. We will hold it on (date) and see us at (address of place). We are looking forward to seeing you.

  • Come join us as we celebrate the flames of our love still glowing after (number of years) shared in marriage. We will celebrate it at (place) and on (date). Surely, your presence in this special occasion is already your greatest gift!

  • We are glad to announce that we are celebrating the fruits of our marriage for staying together for (number of years). Join us in our wedding anniversary celebration and share with us a night of cocktails and dinner.

  • We may be two bodies but in (number) years, we have grown to be of one heart and soul. Join us in this very special occasion of celebrating our anniversary with the closest family and friends over dinner at (place) and on (date).

  • Today, we celebrate not only of our years spent together but also for the friendship and love we shared, the family we have made and the amazing marriage we had from the Lord as a gift. You are warmly invited to our wedding anniversary celebration this coming (date) at (place).

  • We want you to be there as we celebrate the love and affection we have shared together in our marriage on the day of our anniversary. We wish to impart this undying love to all our guests and share it with your own loved ones as well.

  • For all the amazing years that we have shared and the happiest of moments of bonding, we want to celebrate our anniversary with you as one of our guests. More and more through the years as you take a part in our marriage life as family and friends!

  • We look back with no single regret but only with so much more love in our hearts than when we started. Be a part of our wedding anniversary and feel that love is truly everlasting in its own unique ways.

  • It is not every day that we get to meet people who we can spend the rest of our lives with. In this very special occasion, we invite you to be a witness of our wedding anniversary, celebrating (number) years of being together, through thick or thin, ‘till death do us part.

  • Join us as we (name of couple) remind ourselves of the day we first tied the knot and decided to live together for the rest of our lives. Despite all the craziness that life brings, we can only stay together, much stronger with each passing year.

  • We invite you to be a part of our (nth) wedding anniversary to celebrate the happiness and joys that love, faithfulness and caring can bring. Join us in a simple dinner celebration with some cocktails at (place) and on (date).

Invitation Wordings For 25th Anniversary Party/25th Anniversary Party Invitation wording sample/What To Write In A 25th Anniversary Party Invitation Card

Twenty Fifth Wedding Anniversary is definitely an occasion to cheer and celebrate. The joy of the occasion is complete when you celebrate with family, friends and dear ones. 

Most people stumble when it comes to finding the right words to write the 25th anniversary invitation card. If you are feeling lost, here are some sample wordings for 25 anniversary party invitation which you can use. Read on to find the perfect twenty fifth wedding anniversary card invitation wordings right here.

  • Mark and Mary request your distinguished presence for their 25th wedding anniversary. Sunday, 10th June at 7.00pm at Everest Hall, 189 Upper coast road, California. No gifts please. RSVP before 5th June at 3545 24212. 

  • 25th Anniversary! Will and Amanda Rogers! We have walked hand in hand for 25 long years as husband and wife! We would love to invite you for dinner in honour of our Silver Wedding Anniversary on Sunday June 11, 2015 at our seaside residence, 123 Kensington Ave.

  • Celebrating 25 years of togetherness of Mr and Mrs Chris. Please join us for a celebration on Saturday, 17 April at 7:30. 320 Windsor Castle, Glory Drive, Atlanta. Please RSVP by 14 April at

  • Join us as Catherine and Keith celebrate their Silver Wedding Anniversary.  Sunday April 19 2015 at 5pm. The Grand Bay Hotel 1334 Penn Drive New York. RSVP by 12 April at 16717 219192.

  • Celebrate the Silver years of our marriage as we celebrate the 25th Wedding Anniversary on Fifteen May at two’ o clock in the afternoon  at The Grand Beach Hotel ,  One hundred seventy-six Paragon Hall, New Orleans. – John and Sara Cunningham.

  • It is our Silver Anniversary! Do join us! We invite you to share a special moment in our lives as we celebrate our very special 25th Wedding Anniversary. Join us for dinner and dancing at Seven o’clock in the evening on Saturday, the Eighth of July, two thousand fifteen at Seven o’clock in the evening. The Country Club, Minneapolis Minnesota. - Claire and Jonathan Conwell.

  • Join us for the 25th anniversary party in honour of Bill and Amie. Sunday, 5th August 2015 evening at 4 pm at Paradise Hall, 1330 Maxwell Street, Florida.  Beside the hall there will be a barbeque and a pool party with photo booths. RSVP@ 82451216216 before 1st August.

  • It is our 25th Wedding Anniversary!  We, Johann and Charmaine would cordially invite you to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on 15th June, Sunday at 6.00pm at our residence. Please RSVP before 1st June to Johann_ Charmaine@

  • With all the examples above you can write an invitation card with famous quotes and scripture verses. The above examples are wordings used commonly in invitation cards for a wedding Anniversary.

Invitation Wordings For 50th Anniversary Party/50th Anniversary Party Invitation wording sample/What To Write In A 50th Anniversary Party Invitation Card

50th Wedding Anniversary is an occasion to cheer and celebrate a lifetime of love, happiness and togetherness. Every celebration begins with an invitation.  Here are some sample invitation wordings to choose  when you get set to print your 50th wedding anniversary invitation cards.

  • Join us! In honour of 50th wedding anniversary of Mark and Mary Clause, their children request your presence on the special occasion for a cocktail party on 15th March at seven O’clock in the evening. The Kensington Palace, 165216 North Street California. RSVP before 7 March at 72182782782. 
  • You are invited to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Arthur and Violet McAfee ON Saturday April 15th. Dance at 6 pm and Dinner at 7pm. The MacAfee Residence, Q1212 Ring Street. Hosted by Children Amanda and Arthur. RSVP by 11th April at 1222 172 1112. 
  • Join us in celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of John and Amanda Quinsy on Saturday, May 15th at 7 pm. Hosted by John and Eleanor Quinsy 320 Windsor Castle, Glory Drive, Atlanta. Please RSVP by 4 May at
  • For fifty long years they have walked hand in hand as husband and wife. It is the time to celebrate the togetherness of Adam and Caroline Mendez for half a century. Join us on 8th August, Saturday at 5pm. The Residency Hotel, 355 Ball room, Berkshire. Hosted by Children and Grandchildren. RSVP by 4th August at
  • There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage”. – Martin Luther. We invite you to the 50th wedding anniversary of Prince and Louella Rockies on 3rd February at 6pm. The Rockies Residence, Hill view Ave, 58th Greenway Street. Hosted by Children. RSVP before 30th January to Amanda at 5023047889. 
  • Please join us to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of our parents Charles and Catharine Jones on Monday, Fourteenth of June, 2015 at six o’clock in the evening. The Allen Club, 13 Main Street, New Orleans. Please let us know if you will be there. E-mail - Jones_anniversary
  • Fifty Golden Years of togetherness! Mr. and Mrs. Dumas have made it to their 50th year of marriage. Let’s get together to toast some sheer. Please Join us on 18th November, Sunday at 5pm. The Wheelock Place, Anton Hall, 123 Pacific Street, Maryland. Hosted by Children. RSVP at 342 564 7654 before 11th January.
  • You are cordially invites to a 50th wedding Anniversary celebration in honor of John and Patricia Robinson on October 30th at seven o’clock in the evening. The StarO’Bucks, 1200 Brandon Street, New York. Hosted by Children. 
With the sample invitations as above, you can create a perfect 50th wedding anniversary card. Happy Inviting!
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