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 A vow renewal ceremony is indeed a very significant and special way to celebrate your love and togetherness. Now that you have decided to renew your vows here is an excellent collection of invitation wordings for vow renewal ceremeony.

Read on to find the perfect wordings for the vow renewal ceremony. So whether you are inviting as a couple or the invitation is from the children you will find the right words for the vow renwal invites right here.

  • A beautiful time for rekindling the beautiful magic of a lifetime relationship. On the occasion of our 25th wedding anniversary, we would like to invite you to the renewal of our wedding vows. Come, revisit the bylanes of memory once again. 

  • Bring out those wedding gowns. Don the tuxedo again. What better way to celebrate our wedding anniversary than reliving those moments when we first took our wedding vows to be together, forever. (Only this time, there will be no butterflies in the stomach!) 

  • The loving times we’ve had together began this day, that year. Times may have changed a lot since then. But our silent commitment to be there for each other has not changed at all. We would like to recreate the magic by renewing our marriage vows. This time in your presence! 
  • 25 years is a long time indeed. But for us it’s going to be yesterday once more. Yes, we are renewing our vows. This time, we’ll be throwing a fun bash at (venue) with all our friends that we made along the way to our beautiful marriage. See you there. 

  • Please join us as we renew our wedding vows on  (date and time) at (venue).  We will be happy to see you  there.  RSVP  (contact person and contact details)  (signed couple’s name).

  • As the years roll by, celebration takes an entirely different meaning. For us, celebration now means being together with the same twinkle of joy in our eyes that was there 25 years back. With a few close friends and family, we would like to invite you to the second most special moment of our lives – when we renew our vows. 

  • A bond of a lifetime that began with “I do” is now completing 25 beautiful years. And it still seems as if it was just yesterday that we met as blushing teenagers. We want to rekindle the same moments on our wedding anniversary. It would be delightful if you could be present to witness our vows renewal followed by an informal party. 

  • When we said “I do” we were a bundle of mixed emotions of nervous, excited and happy. Today when we say “We still do” we are much more relaxed and equally happy. We would like to share this joy of togetherness with our near and dear ones. 

  • We are so blessed to keep the love alive, after been married for ten years we are here to renew our  wedding vows on (date) at (venue).

  • Now and then, our love is stronger for each other.  Please join us as we renew our vows after ten years of marriage at (venue) on (date and time).

  • Love and friendship goes together through the years, we are blessed to celebrate our renewal of vows at (venue) on (date and time).  Please share our happiness on this special event of our lives.

  • I’ve always said that my dream pair is Mom & Dad. These guys are adorable as ever even today after 25 long years. Wish I could be like them. And tomorrow they will be doing the coolest thing – renewing their vows. Isn’t that sweet? Do join us. 

  • They were united by the bond of love. My loving parents are celebrating 30 years of being together. And I would like to invite you to the celebration which will be all the more loving with the renewal of their wedding vows. 

  • Our parents are celebrating 30 amazing years of marriage by renewing their vows. A beautiful commitment that time has strengthened. Let us all get together and make their special day as special as it was 30 years back. 

  • They say children look up to their parents as role models. And we couldn’t agree more. But before they became our role models, our parents were a beautiful couple with a loving bond. It would be like going on a time machine to see them renewing their vows. Let’s all see the beautiful couple sharing their vows, once again. 

  • Love conquers all, truly. That’s what I’ve learnt from the two most amazing people on earth - My parents. On the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary they will be renewing their wedding vows. A page from fairytale book with the prince and princess saying “I do” again. Let’s witness this beautiful fairytale wedding once again. 

  • Our parents have done so much for us. They sacrificed their joys without a thought. This year, as they celebrate their anniversary, we would like to make it special for them. By recreating their wedding day. For that was the day when these two made an unspoken commitment of raising a beautiful family on the foundation of togetherness. 

  • If there’s one thing that our parents have taught us, it is that “love is all”. That’s how they began the journey of a lifetime, traversing the passage filled with ups and downs. It all began when they were exchanging their vows. What better way to celebrate their anniversary than by reliving that day. Our parents will be renewing their vows on their anniversary. When they said “I do” to “love is all”.

  • The children of Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth cordially invites your presence at the vow renewal ceremony of their parents. 

  • You are warmly invited to the renewal of wedding vows of our parents, John and Christine Hemsworth, at (venue) on (date and time).  The whole family will be pleased with your attendance.

  • You have been a witness of their enduring love, you are invited to share the (couple’s name) vow renewal ceremony at (venue)  on (date and time).

  • The pleasure of your company at the vow renewal ceremony of (couple’s name) on (date and time) at (ceremony venue).  RSVP (contact person and contact details)

  • John and Christine Hemsworth would be delighted for your presence if you join them in celebrating the renewal of their twenty years of marriage at (venue) on (date and time). 

  • Your presence is requested by John and Christine Hemsworth at their vow renewal ceremony at (venue)  on (date and time).  An intimate dinner will follow at (reception venue) RSVP (contact name and details).

  •  True love endures all things…it  is everlasting…please share the joys of John and Christine  Hemsworth for their twenty years  vow renewal ceremony on (date and time) at (venue).

  • In honour of John and Christine Hemsworth, please join the couple for the reaffirmation of their wedding vows at (venue) set on (date and time).  A special dinner reception will follow at (reception venue).

  • Together with their family and dear friends, please join John and Christine Hemsworth at their vow renewal ceremony on (date and time) at (ceremony venue).  A luncheon meeting will follow at (reception venue).

  • A long and lasting love, couple John and Christine Hemsworth would like to see at their vow renewal ceremony set on (date and time) .

  • A beautiful couple with a beautiful relationship for twenty years is a rare one.  Their love for each other was tested through time, witness their vow renewal on (date and time) at (venue).  A dinner reception will follow at (reception venue).

  • After twenty years of marriage the promise is still alive.  They have lived their promise through these years and on (date and time) witness this special occasion for John and Christine Hemsworth as they renew their promise in  a vow renewal ceremony at (venue).

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