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Merely a mention of a BBQ party springs images of an idle sunny day with lots of chatter and suptuous food with its unique taste. Here is a collection of perfect BBQ party invitation wordings for inviting your friends and family  for a funfilled BBQ Party. 

Party around the grill is really a great thrill. Read on to choose the best BBQ party invitation wordings from our collection of sample BBQ party invitation wordings. And if you plan to make a photbook of your BBQ party celebrations do check our collection on BBQ Party Photo Album Titles Ideas

  • Join us for grills and thrills this Friday at noon as we celebrate the birthday of our beloved grand Dad!

  • Come over for a country-side treat of BBQ fun at our backyard on 15 august. 

  • The crisp morning air calls for farm fresh foods grilled in the sunny noon. So let’s get together at my place this Sunday and take a much-needed break from hectic work.

  • Grilled, smoked and pit cooked – now that’s what I call the menu for a perfect Sunday brunch. Let’s grab a bite.

  • A garden party is incomplete without friends, family and barbecue! So let’s all hop in the bandwagon of BBQ lovers at my place.

  • Join us for BBQ and beer at date/time/location.

  • It’s that part of the year when the air smells fresh and crisp. So let’s give the cooking stove a miss and fire up the grill instead. Let’s get together for a BBQ.

  • The chills of winters are making way for the grills of summer. So what are waiting for? Join us for a special BBQ treat.

  • You’ve all heard of baby’s day out. Now let’s get together for some food-out. Yes. It’s BBQ time. So why not make the most of this time? Let’s get together.

  • With the more-than-welcome season change, BBQ days are here again. Come on over for BBQ fun.

  • Goodbye winters and hello BBQ. Care to join?

  • Let’s bid adieu to winters in style – BBQ style! So here’s raising a roast to the special BBQ party.

  • Kicking off the pleasant weather with some roasting and grilling in the backyard. Join us.

While sending out invitations for a BBQ party, do take care of a couple of things. Although the dress code is casual remember to mention the color if you are thinking of hosting a theme party.  

Always address your casual acquaintances by their names. If you are planning to invite your colleagues keep their designation and seniority in mind and don’t get carried away by the underlying fun of the BBQ party. 

Don’t keep hard drinks on the menu card, instead go for beer as an accompaniment. And lastly, have fun with your near and dear ones. Have a awesome  BBQ party. Enjoy!

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