Invitation Wordings for Housewarming Party/Sample Invitation Wordings for Housewarming Party/What To Write In A Housewarming Invitation Card

Moving into a new house is a dream come true. This event in life is indeed a blessing and thus really calls for a celebration. So if you are planning to host your housewarming party with your friends and relatives sending the housewarming invitation is a must.

To help you organize your housewarming party, here is a collection of sample invitation messages for housewarming party or housewarming ceremony for your loved ones. In the housewarming invitation do mention the complete address and preferably a sketch or simple map at the back of the invitation.

Housewarming invitation messages can be as informal as you want especially if you are inviting your near and dear ones. So go ahead and tweak these housewarming party invitation messages to your friends and relatives. 

  • We invite you to our Housewarming ceremony on (date, time & address ). Come and join us in our thanksgiving dinner as we dedicate our new house to HIM. 

  • Join us in celebrating a new chapter of our lives in our new house in a new environment on (date) at (address). 
  • We have fully unpacked and ready to party! You’re invited to our housewarming ceremony in our new place at (address) on (date). Celebration starts at (time). 

  • My family and I request your presence at our new home to celebrate in the new chapter of our lives. Our housewarming party is on (date) at (address). Please do come and celebrate with us. 
  • We moved to our new place at (address). To celebrate this wonderful event, we invite you to come to our housewarming party on (date) at (time). We will have dinner (or lunch depending on the time of our party) and drinks to commemorate the event. 

  • We are gonna have a Housewarming party, and with your presence it will be a great delight. Here's hoping you'd make it! 

  • Can't wait to show you around! Come over and join us for our Houswarming Party! See you soon 

  • They say only people make a house, a home. With true friends like you around I am assured that my new house will be a home in no time. So why don’t you join us for a housewarming party this Saturday (date, time and complete address) 

  • New home at last! And it’s time for a party. Come over (date and time) 

  • Freedom from old matchbox apartment. Say hello to my new home at a cool party. Be there. 

  • We want to usher positive vibes at our new pad. So why don’t you come on over at our place (date and time) 
  • You are cordially invited for a housewarming party at our residence. 

  • New city, new job and a new pad. Need any more reasons to join me for a party? Come over. 

  • What’s a new house without friends? So come and join me at my new apartment. 

  • We have just moved in and believe me, knowing you has been such a comfort. We would like to get to know you better on drinks, dinner and lots of chatter at our housewarming party. 

  • I haven’t started settling my stuff but that can come later. First things first. How ‘bout a fabulous party? Sounds great? Then come on over at.........(date and time) 

  • With immense pleasure, we invite you to the housewarming party of our new house. Looking forward to see you there. 

  • Remember I used to say I’ll buy a spacious house some day when I have that kind of bank balance? Well, it seems I have finally fulfilled my wish. With a lot of hard work and blessings from eleders, I now have a place to call my own. Do come and multiply my joy at the party. 

  • It would be lovely to have you join us as we have arranged a small get-together for our housewarming party. 

  • New home is like fresh energy reverberating in every nook and corner. Let’s all get together for an evening of chitter-chatter over food and drinks at my place. 

  • We are moving to a new home. A dinner party will be held at our new home at (address) on (date and time). We hope to see you there! RSVP (contact number or email address) 
  • We welcome old and new friends at our new nest located at (address). We would be glad if you could join us to celebrate new life in our home.Come and share this exciting moment with us. 

  • The Hanks Family would like to invite you to their new humble abode. Expect a night of fun and laughter on (date and time) at (address). 

  • Welcome to our new home! Suzanne and Joe Hanks Housewarming Party, Date and time, Address, RSVP contact number. 

  • Welcome to our dream house! A housewarming party is set on (date and time) at our new house located at (address). We will be happy to see you there. The Hanks Family - RSVP contact number. 

    • Save the date for a housewarming party on (date and time) at our new house (address). Join us with great food, dancing, and party all night. 

    • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. says “Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts” A thanksgiving and housewarming party for our dear friends as well welcoming new friends into our lives. The party will be on (date and time) at our new home located at (address). 

    • A barbeque housewarming party for Hanks Family will be celebrated on (date and time) at our new home (address). 

    • We are hosting a housewarming party for our family and friends on (date and time) at (address). 

    • Sam Ewing told us “When you finally go back to your old home, you find it wasn't the old home you missed but your childhood.” Wherever we are the memories and friendship will always etched in our hearts. Our family would like to invite you to the housewarming party of our house on (date and time) at (address). 

    • The key to our hearts is you! You are cordially invited to a housewarming party on (date and time) at our new house located at (address). 

    • We are happy to share the fruits of our hardwork and patience. Join us for a housewarming party this coming (date and time) at our new house. Please be there on time. 

    • You are invited to grace the housewarming party of Hanks Family on (date and time) at their new nest at (address). 

    • A house is not a home without family and friends that puts life and meaning to it. You are invited to our celebration for our newly constructed house, please come on (date and time) at (address). 

    • Wines are waiting for a big celebration for our new home, be one of us at the housewarming party on (date and time) at (address).
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    Invitation Wordings for Housewarming Ceremony/Sample Invitation Wordings for Housewarming Ceremony/What To Write In A Housewarming Ceremony Invitation Card

    Everyone buys a home at some point of their lives and house warming ceremonies tend to follow. Writing an invitation card to invite your guests is essential. But wondering how to write one? Here are some sample wordings for those planning for the housewarming  ceremony.

    • You are cordially invited to our housewarming function for  a buffet lunch on Saturday, 10 June at our newly built residence, 35/140, 15 Arc Lane, Herndon, Virginia. Do  accept this as our invitation and attend this joyous occasion. Hosts - Mr. and Mrs. Spikes.  Come and Cheer!

    • Bought a New Home -  Please join us for our housewarming ceremony at Twelve noon on 13 February , Monday.  Hosts - Mr. and Mrs. Williams, 18 Cherry estate, Arc Lane, Herndon, Virginia.

    • Mr and Mrs Perez cordially invites you to dance and dinner to celebrate the completion of our new home on 18 June, Sunday at 8pm. Mercy Estate, 18 Kennedy Ave, Georgia. RSVP xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Our New Residence -  You are invited to a  housewarming party! Join us on 9 May, Sunday,  3-5pm as we blow the trumpet to celebrate this occasion. Hosts - Mr and Mrs Jacky, 13 Hero Street,  Holy Ave, Salisbury, Maryland. RSVP: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Mr and Mrs Smith cordially invites you to our newly constructed home for a housewarming party on 9 June, Saturday at 11:30am. There will be a short house blessing ceremony and lunch thereafter. Address of our new home: 325/103, Chime Villa, Prince George street, New York - 10453

    • We've Moved To Our New Home:  Do join us for  a housewarming party on 5 May, Saturday for  a buffet lunch. Please accept our invitation and join us. RSVP: 111 502 1928. Address: 13 Hero Street,  Holy Ave, Salisbury, Maryland. No gifts please!   

    •  Please join us in celebration of our new home on 18 April, Sunday at 5:30 pm. Beach vale Apartments, Kensington street, Herndon, Virginia.  RSVP:  Before 15 April via housewarming Hosts - Mr and Mrs Smith.  

    • Home is where heart is:  We are settled in our new home and we would like to invite you to join our housewarming party. Join us for lunch to celebrate the occasion on  3 March, Sunday at 1pm. Hosts - Mr and Mrs George, 26/108, Tucker Lane, Chillies' Ave,  Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    With all the example above, you can write a wonderful invitation card to invite your guests for the housewarming party.  Make personalized invitation cards with distinctive designs  to invite your guests. Let your guests be impressed with your card,  join the joyful occasion and bring cheer to your new home. Happy Housewarming Ceremony! 

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