Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Party

Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Party/ Sample Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Party/ What to write in a 50th Birthday Invitation card/50th Birthday Party Invitation Wordings

Every birthday is special. So celebrate the 50th birthday of your friend or relative in style. Here is a collection of sample invitation wordings for 50th Birthday party. Read on to find the perfect sample Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Party by friends or relatives. 

  • You are cordially invited to celebrate (name) 50th birthday at a dinner and dance do at (details of party)

  • Our dear friend is going to celebrate a golden phase of his life. Let’s get together for his glittering jubilee.

  • We have arranged a small party for close friends and relatives on the occasion of the 50th birthday of (name). We’ll be delighted if you could come at (details)

  • Let’s all celebrate my dear (name’s) 50 years of love, kindness and fun. Do join us at (details).

  • Join us on (name’s) 50th birthday party with food, drinks and fond memories.

  • Come over for the party of our fabulous and fashionable at 50 mom.

  • This is her 50th birthday. And I want to make her feel as special as she is. Do come at (name’s) birthday party.

  • For someone whose whole life revolves around family, why should her birthday be any different? So let’s all get together and treat her to a wonderful party.

  • Everyone loves to be loved. It’s time to show some love for (name) as he hits the 50 mark. Do come for a lovely party.

  • Our full of life friend is turning nifty, natty 50. This calls for a celebration.

  • It’s party time at our place as (name) turns five-o. So come for dinner, dance, music and lots of chatter.

  •  Five decades of madness is worth a celebration. So join us as we celebrate our friend’s 50th birthday.

  • Another decade shouldn’t pass without a party. So let’s celebrate five decades of seriousness with a day of fun-filled party.

  • It would be our immense pleasure to invite you at our father’s 50th birthday party at a small party on (details). We shall be delighted if you could join us. 
Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Surprise Party/ Sample Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Surprise Party/ What to write in a 50th Birthday Invitation card/50th Birthday Surprise Party Invitation Wordings

  • Our dear friend is turning the big 5-O! Let’s pop some champagne and dance to our kind of music. Come at my place at 6.30. I’ve invited him for a quiet dinner at 7.

  • The good ol’ chap is not celebrating his half century. Of course, we can’t allow that. So come for surprising him at (details)

  • Tiptoe at my place on good old (name) 50th birthday bash. See you soon.

  • Our friend and wine have a lot in common – both get better with age. So let’s celebrate her 50th birthday with lots of wine. It’ll be a surprise for her. So lips sealed everyone.

  • Let’s party away (name’s) 50th birthday. Collect at my place at 6. Don’t spill a word of this to anyone.

  • He’s turning 50 and the best years of his life are yet to come. So let’s throw a surprise bash for him.

  • She’s turning 50 in a day and thinks she’s seen it all. So let’s give her a surprise this time. Won’t you love to see her expression when we spring a surprise at her? Do come.

  • What better way to celebrate your 50th birthday than to have friends imposing on you out of the blue. Get to (name’s) place for a round of food and drinks.

  • My best friend is turning 50 and it’s not fair that she feels low about it. So I’m throwing a surprise bash just for her. See you there.

  • Can you keep a secret? Then come quietly for (name’s) 50th birthday party at (details). 

  • Our dear friend might be turning 50 but she still is a teenager at heart. And as her friends, we are also teens. So let’s all teens get together for a fun party for just us teens. What say?

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