Invitation Wordings For 10th wedding Anniversary 

Invitation Wordings For 10th Anniversary Party/Sample 10th Anniversary Party Invitations Wordings/10th Wedding Anniversary Party Invitation Wordings/What To Write In A 10th Anniversary Party Invitation Card

Wedding Anniversary is an occasion to celebrate in a big way. The best way to commemorate your 10th anniversary is to celebrate with family, friends and dear ones. Here is an excellent collection of sample invitation wordings for you to get your 10th wedding anniversary party organised. 

  • You are invited to celebrate 10 years of married love. Mr and Mrs Smith cordially invite you to Brooklyn Club House, 198 Pen Drive, Arlington on 16 April at 8.00pm. RSVP to Maria Myers at 402321222. Your presence is the best present for us.

  • Celebrating 10 years of togetherness of Chris and Melinda. Please join us for a celebration on Saturday, 9 January at 7:30. 320 Windsor Castle, Glory Drive, Atlanta. Please RSVP by 4 January at goldenchris10melinda@

  • Mr and Mrs William celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss! Please join us to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Friday, 29 September 2015 at 6:30 at our residence. RSVP: 0909112121187 before 22 September.

  • Marvin and Maria Lopez request your presence for the celebration of their 10th wedding anniversary. Sunday June 10 at 7.00pm at Everest Hall, 189 Upper coast road, California. No gifts please. RSVP before 5 June at 203 455 3112. All guests to receive a full color photo of size 7″ x 5″.

  • Paul and Janine invite you to their 10th wedding anniversary celebration on 12th April, Sunday at 5:30pm at Sam’s Community Hall. RSVP before 9 April at 12415 177 1187.

  • You are invited. Join us to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary of Neil and Nathalie, on Saturday 13 March at Atlanta Residency Hotel at 6.00pm. Hosted by Katherine Kulmann. RSVP: 503 403 3453 before 10 March.

  • Let us celebrate! Dear Wendy, Brian and Carolyn would like to invite you to their 10th wedding anniversary on Friday, 6 August at 8.00pm at Matura Country Club. RSVP: 16251625`71333 before 1 August.

  • It is our 10th Wedding Anniversary! Mark and Shiny Wilson would cordially invite you to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on 15th June, Sunday at 6.00pm at our residence. Please RSVP before 10 June to mark_shiny@

  • Join us for a 10th anniversary party in honour of Bill and Amanda. Sunday, April 5 evening at 4 pm at Paradise Hall, 1330 Maxwell Street, Florida. Beside the hall there will be a barbeque and a pool party. RSVP@ 829831922 before April 1st.

  • Each couple is unique and so will their invitations be. Add in your photos and select the write invitation wordings similar to the one above. The font size, font style and colour of the invitation can be selected and you can print a beautiful invitation card to invite all your guests and make the occasion extra special.                           
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Invitation Wordings For 70th Birthday Party

Invitation Wordings For 70th Birthday Party /Sample Invitation Wordings For 70th Birthday Party/ What to write in a 70th Birthday Invitation Card/70th Birthday Party Invitation Wordings

Seven decades is a beautiful time to celebrate, get nostalgic and live it up. So usher in this number with lots of love and joy. 

Here is a collection of sample invitation wordings for 7oth Birthday Party.

  • Today is the 40th anniversary of Aunt (name’s) 30th birthday. Let’s all get together and celebrate.

  • Good ol’ (name) is celebrating seven decades of making the world a kinder, sweeter place. You all are invited.

  • 10 times more celebrations for the grandpa who is turning 10 times 7! See you there. 

  • Seven sins multiplied by 10 – that’s how old my dear grandpa is going to be. Come let’s make it a jolly good show for the best grandpa in the world.

  • Super 70 for super grandma. Let’s celebrate.

  • Special birthday for a special person. My pretty young wife’s 70th birthday has made me nostalgic I guess. So let’s get together and live it up.

  • You are cordially invited to dance and dinner on the occasion of (name’s) 70th birthday party.

  • Look who’s turning 70 and foxed us into believing she’s just 50! Isn’t my granny spectacular at 70? So come, let’s all meet over dinner this Sunday.

  • 70 years may seem like a lot but not for my full of life, jovial, ever fun husband. Let’s celebrate his birthday over his favorite foods (name of things he likes to eat).

  • Young at heart. And spectacular at 70. That’s my dear grandpa for you. So come over and learn how to live life to the fullest.

  • Let’s celebrate the 70th birthday of a young boy who lives by the maxim that old age is still 20 years ahead of him.

  • Her Royal Sweetness is celebrating her 70th birthday today. All of you are in for a sweet treat at her place (details of address).

  • 70 and still learning how to enjoy life. That’s my Dad! This Daddy’s girl invites all for a birthday bash for the best Dad in the world.

  • My dearest granny has lived life on her own terms. The strong willed woman of substance is celebrating her 70th birthday this Sunday. Do come over.

  • Change in fashion, change in views, change in governments, change in seasons. My dearest granny has seen it all. And now the young lady is turning 70. Let’s get together and talk about the times gone by.

  • Let’s all share love, joy and cheer on Uncle (name’s) 70th birthday over cake, wine and food.

  • Strawberries, cherries and the angel’s kiss in spring – my sweet as wine aunt is turning 70 this spring. A time to feel joyous and celebrate togetherness. So let’s get together and celebrate her birthday.

  • The world’s most beautiful woman, my wife, will be turning 70 years young this summer. Do come over to be mesmerized by the pretty woman.

  • My rock star grandpa is turning 70. The best time to rock n roll. So what are you waiting for? Come over.

  • My dearest wife is going to be 70 going on 16. I shall be delighted to have your company on the occasion of her birthday.

  • Seven decades of being so lovable and five decades of togetherness. My husband’s birthday and our anniversary fall on the same date. I will appreciate it if you could come for a night of dinner, drinks and memories.

  • My grandmother is turning 70. Who knows this time she will spill the beans on how she looks gorgeous all the time? If you want to know her secret do come over.

  • He has seen many birthdays. My grandfather says he has been there and done that But I think he has yet to see so many people coming together just for him. So let’s get together and surprise my dear grandpa on his 70th birthday.

  • What do you give a man who has got it all? If you have figured it out, do come over for my husband’s 70th birthday over presents, dinner, cake and wine. See you there.

Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Party

Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Party/ Sample Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Party/ What to write in a 50th Birthday Invitation card/50th Birthday Party Invitation Wordings

Every birthday is special. So celebrate the 50th birthday of your friend or relative in style. Here is a collection of sample invitation wordings for 50th Birthday party. Read on to find the perfect sample Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Party by friends or relatives. 

  • You are cordially invited to celebrate (name) 50th birthday at a dinner and dance do at (details of party)

  • Our dear friend is going to celebrate a golden phase of his life. Let’s get together for his glittering jubilee.

  • We have arranged a small party for close friends and relatives on the occasion of the 50th birthday of (name). We’ll be delighted if you could come at (details)

  • Let’s all celebrate my dear (name’s) 50 years of love, kindness and fun. Do join us at (details).

  • Join us on (name’s) 50th birthday party with food, drinks and fond memories.

  • Come over for the party of our fabulous and fashionable at 50 mom.

  • This is her 50th birthday. And I want to make her feel as special as she is. Do come at (name’s) birthday party.

  • For someone whose whole life revolves around family, why should her birthday be any different? So let’s all get together and treat her to a wonderful party.

  • Everyone loves to be loved. It’s time to show some love for (name) as he hits the 50 mark. Do come for a lovely party.

  • Our full of life friend is turning nifty, natty 50. This calls for a celebration.

  • It’s party time at our place as (name) turns five-o. So come for dinner, dance, music and lots of chatter.

  •  Five decades of madness is worth a celebration. So join us as we celebrate our friend’s 50th birthday.

  • Another decade shouldn’t pass without a party. So let’s celebrate five decades of seriousness with a day of fun-filled party.

  • It would be our immense pleasure to invite you at our father’s 50th birthday party at a small party on (details). We shall be delighted if you could join us. 
Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Surprise Party/ Sample Invitation Wordings for 50th Birthday Surprise Party/ What to write in a 50th Birthday Invitation card/50th Birthday Surprise Party Invitation Wordings

  • Our dear friend is turning the big 5-O! Let’s pop some champagne and dance to our kind of music. Come at my place at 6.30. I’ve invited him for a quiet dinner at 7.

  • The good ol’ chap is not celebrating his half century. Of course, we can’t allow that. So come for surprising him at (details)

  • Tiptoe at my place on good old (name) 50th birthday bash. See you soon.

  • Our friend and wine have a lot in common – both get better with age. So let’s celebrate her 50th birthday with lots of wine. It’ll be a surprise for her. So lips sealed everyone.

  • Let’s party away (name’s) 50th birthday. Collect at my place at 6. Don’t spill a word of this to anyone.

  • He’s turning 50 and the best years of his life are yet to come. So let’s throw a surprise bash for him.

  • She’s turning 50 in a day and thinks she’s seen it all. So let’s give her a surprise this time. Won’t you love to see her expression when we spring a surprise at her? Do come.

  • What better way to celebrate your 50th birthday than to have friends imposing on you out of the blue. Get to (name’s) place for a round of food and drinks.

  • My best friend is turning 50 and it’s not fair that she feels low about it. So I’m throwing a surprise bash just for her. See you there.

  • Can you keep a secret? Then come quietly for (name’s) 50th birthday party at (details). 

  • Our dear friend might be turning 50 but she still is a teenager at heart. And as her friends, we are also teens. So let’s all teens get together for a fun party for just us teens. What say?

Invitation Wordings For Sweet 16 Birthday Party 

Invitation Wordings For Sweet 16 Birthday Party/ Sample Invitation Wordings for Sweet 16 Birthday Party/ What to write in a Sweet 16 Birthday Party Invitation Card/ 16 Birthday Party Invitation Wordings 

Birthdays are a joyful occasion and sweet 16 birthdays are even more a special occasion. It is a new phase of life you want to celebrate with family, friends and people who matter to you. So if you planning for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party celebration, here is a collection of cool invitation wordings for Sweet 16th Birthday Party. 

  • Sweet 16 Birthday: Join as we honour Katherine Mines on her sixteenth birthday.  June 7, Saturday at 7:30 pm.  Venue:  Paradise Hall, 1330 Maxwell Street, Florida. RSVP@ 829831922 before June 1st.

  • Sixteen candles will be there on the cake. Come and join us as we honour our son David Jones on his birthday. Be there for a rocking party!

  • Time flies! It is really hard to believe that sixteen golden years have passed by.  Join us as we celebrate our son Edmonton’s sixteenth birthday.

  •   Valencia may be all grown up , but she is our little princess! As sweet as sugar and honey , Drop in to dance and celebrate the sixteenth year of her birth! 

  • Time of the year has come again! This time it is our Angel’s sixteenth birthday. You are invited to an evening of party games, fun and dinner. Let’s together make her birthday a memorable one.

  • Tim is turning 16! You are invited for a Pizza n’ Fries Party to help him turn 16 in style. Drop in early and do RSVP @ 63723698909.

  • Marianne has always been our sweet little princess and now she’s turning sixteen. Drop in for her birthday bash on February 11, Sunday at 7pm for an evening of fun, dinner and dance. Be there in your best party outfit and you are sure to have the most memorable birthday party of your lifetime. 

  • A party has been planned to celebrate the Sixteenth birthday of our son. Do join this extra special birthday bash dinner with games, fun and frolic.

  • An amazing Party awaits, as our son turns sixteen. It will be a party you won’t forget. No gifts, No gifts… Only a handwritten card would be enough to bring smile to his face!

  • Come and have a fun filled evening as our son is turning 16. Growing up is such a fun.  A celebration has been planned and we want to make it a big day for him.

  • These sixteenth birthday invitation can really help you to make cool invites for your son or daughter. Send one in style and make sure that you give your guests enough time to RSVP. Ideally, invitations must be sent at least three weeks in advance. Happy Partying!

Invitation Wordings For 40th Birthday Party

Sample Invitation Wordings For 40th Birthday Party/Invitation Wordings Samples For 40th Birthday Party/ 40th Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Turning fabulous 40 is a special occasion! Spending four decades of your life is certainly an occasion to celebrate with family and friends. So if you are in the process of planning for a 40th birthday party help is at hand. 

Here is a list of sample 40th birthday party invitation wordings. Read on to find the perfect 
sample  invitation wordings for 40th birthday party. 

  • Leya is turning 40. Please join us to celebrate her surprise birthday party on Saturday 25 June at 7pm. Golden Tribune Hotel, 131 Kenbridge Place, Hounslow, London. RSVP to Joey at  9334567812 before 20 June.

  • There will be 40 candles on my cake. Join me and help me blow them all. Date: 30 January, Sunday Time:  4pm, Address: The Smile Home, 30 Orchard Plaza, Ontario. RSVP:  By mail before 25th January @

  •  Sh.. Sh... Duncan is turning 40. It is a secret!  Come, dance and celebrate the surprise party on 3 May , Thursday at 8pm. Hotel  Ravenous, 1234 Bloomington Ave, California. RSVP: Please SMS before 28 April to Amanda  @ 913 422 3456.

  • Joan is turning forty! Take the wine and toast to her as she turns forty. Join us for the cocktail party. Feb 12, 6:30pm , The Grace House, 123 Ave, Bergman street. RSVP to Amanda before 5 Feb at 212  450 9188.

  • There will be too many candles on the cake and we need you to help him blow. Bergman is turning 40. Join us for  a surprise party on 11 May, Sunday , 5 pm  at 13 Linsdale apartments, 17/390, Pennsylvania.

  • Bryan is turning 40! Help us celebrate Bryan's 40th Birthday.  Cocktail: 5:30 pm, Dinner: 6:30pm. Jon us for  a fun filled evening on 29 June. Kyllie's Restaurant, 1789 East Park Boulevard, 39 Cherry Street.

  •  Put on your coats and dancing shoes. Dress to impress as there is a surprise party to celebrate my sister Heidi Klum's 40th birthday. Join us on 22 September, 6:30pm for an evening of dance and dinner. The Klum House, 49 Cheetah street.

  • Celebrating the big 40! You are invited to a birthday party  honouring Tina Taylor on 7 July, Sunday at  5pm. The Taylor House, 15 , Mandarin Gardens, Canal Road. RSVP  to 234518900 before 4 July.

  • Look who's turning the big 40! Join us on 23 January, Friday at 7pm for dinner and cocktail party to celebrate Jean's 40th birthday. 999 Bistro, 135 Ken Street. RSVP at 9292900344 before 18 January.

  • Turning fabulous 40! There will be a surprise birthday party as Stevie turns 40. 22 August, Saturday at 5:30pm. Venue - Stevie's Residence, 12/330, Luxington  Apartments, 30 Green Street.

With all these sample 40th birthday party invitation wordings, you can surly write a 40th birthday invitation card with ease. Personalize the invitation card and you are sure to impress one and all!

Invitation Wordings for 30th Birthday Party

Sample Invitation Wordings For 30th Birthday Party/Invitation Wordings Samples For 30th Birthday Party/ 30th Birthday Party Invitation Wordings

Are you about to turn 30 and planning to celebrate the joyous occasion with your friends and relatives. Or someone special you know is going to be 30 years soon and you want to plan a surprise party. Well no worries help is at hand.  

If you are unsure on what to say for the 3Oth birthday party invitation read on to find the perfect sample invitation wordings for 30th birthday party .

  • Turning Thirty....-  There will be thirty candles on Dalton's cake.Yes! You are invited to celebrate Dalton's 30th Birthday on  5 Jan, Friday at 7pm @ Cafe's O Cafe Restaurant,  150 Pen Drive, New York. Please RSVP at 510 898 1034 before 3 Jan.

  • Let us go back to our college days with Pony tails, Metal bracelets, Polka dot tops, Leggings and our old style college wear and celebrate Marianna's 30th birthday. Our old college memories will come again with party, fun and dance. Join us at The Smile Home, 30 Orchard Plaza, Pelangi.  Please RSVP by mail: tana1sbirthday

  • Mane is turning  a big 30..... Please join us for a surprise party for Mane's 30th birthday party. Feb 14 2015, 7pm , The Grace House, 123 Ave, Bergman street. RSVP to Natasha before 8 Feb at 301 555 8822.

  • There will be 30 candles for Harry's birthday cake. Please join us for Harry's 30th birthday bash on 67 Hill walk street , Chicago, Illinois, on Friday, 15 April and 7:30pm. RSVP by  8 April at 122 309 3445.

  • Terrific Birthday Bash as Mandy turns 30.....Please join us for a surprise birthday bash to honour Mandy Mendez on his 30th birthday. Be there on  June 15 at 7pm at The Open Plaza, Mandarin Gardens, Canal Road. *Semi Formal Attire Please.

  • Put on your dancing shoes and join us for dance cum Birthday Bash. Please join us for Amanda's 30th birthday. It will be an evening of fun, dance and dinner on 30 January, 6:30pm at Le Paris Restaurant, 75 Paris Ave, California. Dress to impress.  RSVP before 25 January.

  • Jack is turning 30...  Let us celebrate together!  Date: 15 January, Time: 7pm, Venue: Oceania Restaurant, 15 Milwauke avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Dress to impress in Semiformal attire. RSVP to Kayle at 925678922 before 10 January.

  • Mega Birthday Bash: Amie turns big 30! Join us to celebrate her surprise birthday party at her home,  14 West Plaza street, Megletons, Australia on 17 March at 8pm. RSVP to Marilyn at 7787891900 before 12 March.

So if  you or your loved one is turning 30, simply choose the perfect invitation card for the birthday party using all the examples above. 

Some of the examples of 30th Birthday invitation wordings might be the exact one you may be looking for, while some others may inspire you to write your own personalized 30th birthday invitation cards.  

Sample Invitation Wordings For Mom's Birthday Party

Sample Invitation wordings for Mom's Birthday Party/Invitation Wording Samples For Mom's Birthday Party/ Mom's Birthday Party Invitation Wording

They say that God can’t be everywhere so he created Mom. Your closest confidante, your well-wisher, your true friend, your trusted guide, Mom is your entire world. So, if you are organizing your Mom’s birthday party, she will definitely not judge you for how grand or simple it is but get teary-eyed and emotional at the effort you made. 

Here are a few samples for inviting relatives and friends for Mom’s birthday party. Read on to find the perfect invitation wordings samples for your mom's birthday party. 
  • Join us as we celebrate Mom’s birthday. We’re throwing a surprise party for her so come in early.

  • Mom doesn’t know that she makes us feel so special. So we thought of her making her feel special on her birthday. Do join us.

  • Let’s celebrate the joy of life with a truly remarkable woman and an adorable mom’s birthday as she continues to battle her ill-health with a smile. Let’s make it special for her.

  • A special birthday party for a very special person. Yes. It’s my Mom’s birthday and though she thinks she is too old for parties, I totally disagree. So come over for her party.

  • Join us for dinner and retro music and dance as we celebrate our dear mom’s birthday.

  • She’s always worked day and night for us and never ever complained. So let’s get together and make her feel like a queen on her birthday.

  • A grand day is approaching. It’s my mom’s birthday and I want her to feel special. So join me for her long overdue birthday party.

  • My super mom is going to be a birthday girl soon. So let’s throw a superb party in her honor and let our hair down.

  • An entire day of relaxing with just close friends and relatives. That’s what I’ve planned for mom’s birthday this year and you are going to be a part of it. Don’t miss.

  • Pack your bags and bring birthday candles too. We’re celebrating mom’s birthday at her favorite place. Hop on.

  • A birthday party for a super special mom we are so lucky to have. Thank you for making everyday feel so special Mom.

  • Another way of saying mom I love you so much is by throwing a surprise party on her birthday and inviting all the near and dear ones. So do come.

  • It’s Mom’s birthday and am making her favorite dishes and giving her a much-deserved day off. So please come and make her feel extra special. 

Sample Sorry Messages!

Sample Sorry Messages!
Sample sorry messages for husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfreind, friends, boss, Mom and dad , brother and sister - you will surly find the heartfelt sorry wordings for all your near and dear ones