Invitation Wordings For 70th Birthday Party

Invitation Wordings For 70th Birthday Party /Sample Invitation Wordings For 70th Birthday Party/ What to write in a 70th Birthday Invitation Card/70th Birthday Party Invitation Wordings

Seven decades is a beautiful time to celebrate, get nostalgic and live it up. So usher in this number with lots of love and joy. 

Here is a collection of sample invitation wordings for 7oth Birthday Party.

  • Today is the 40th anniversary of Aunt (name’s) 30th birthday. Let’s all get together and celebrate.

  • Good ol’ (name) is celebrating seven decades of making the world a kinder, sweeter place. You all are invited.

  • 10 times more celebrations for the grandpa who is turning 10 times 7! See you there. 

  • Seven sins multiplied by 10 – that’s how old my dear grandpa is going to be. Come let’s make it a jolly good show for the best grandpa in the world.

  • Super 70 for super grandma. Let’s celebrate.

  • Special birthday for a special person. My pretty young wife’s 70th birthday has made me nostalgic I guess. So let’s get together and live it up.

  • You are cordially invited to dance and dinner on the occasion of (name’s) 70th birthday party.

  • Look who’s turning 70 and foxed us into believing she’s just 50! Isn’t my granny spectacular at 70? So come, let’s all meet over dinner this Sunday.

  • 70 years may seem like a lot but not for my full of life, jovial, ever fun husband. Let’s celebrate his birthday over his favorite foods (name of things he likes to eat).

  • Young at heart. And spectacular at 70. That’s my dear grandpa for you. So come over and learn how to live life to the fullest.

  • Let’s celebrate the 70th birthday of a young boy who lives by the maxim that old age is still 20 years ahead of him.

  • Her Royal Sweetness is celebrating her 70th birthday today. All of you are in for a sweet treat at her place (details of address).

  • 70 and still learning how to enjoy life. That’s my Dad! This Daddy’s girl invites all for a birthday bash for the best Dad in the world.

  • My dearest granny has lived life on her own terms. The strong willed woman of substance is celebrating her 70th birthday this Sunday. Do come over.

  • Change in fashion, change in views, change in governments, change in seasons. My dearest granny has seen it all. And now the young lady is turning 70. Let’s get together and talk about the times gone by.

  • Let’s all share love, joy and cheer on Uncle (name’s) 70th birthday over cake, wine and food.

  • Strawberries, cherries and the angel’s kiss in spring – my sweet as wine aunt is turning 70 this spring. A time to feel joyous and celebrate togetherness. So let’s get together and celebrate her birthday.

  • The world’s most beautiful woman, my wife, will be turning 70 years young this summer. Do come over to be mesmerized by the pretty woman.

  • My rock star grandpa is turning 70. The best time to rock n roll. So what are you waiting for? Come over.

  • My dearest wife is going to be 70 going on 16. I shall be delighted to have your company on the occasion of her birthday.

  • Seven decades of being so lovable and five decades of togetherness. My husband’s birthday and our anniversary fall on the same date. I will appreciate it if you could come for a night of dinner, drinks and memories.

  • My grandmother is turning 70. Who knows this time she will spill the beans on how she looks gorgeous all the time? If you want to know her secret do come over.

  • He has seen many birthdays. My grandfather says he has been there and done that But I think he has yet to see so many people coming together just for him. So let’s get together and surprise my dear grandpa on his 70th birthday.

  • What do you give a man who has got it all? If you have figured it out, do come over for my husband’s 70th birthday over presents, dinner, cake and wine. See you there.

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