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Bridal shower is an occasion that is etched in the memories of the bride and her friends. It’s a time for fun, gossip and celebration which goes straight to the wedding album. Here is a great collection of sample invitation wordings for Bridal Shower. 

The bridal shower should be a memorable event for the bride-to-be. A fabulous party starts with a unique invitation to pique the interest of the guests.  Go ahead and grab some ideas for the bridal shower invitation. Read on to find the perfect invitation wordings on what to write in a bridal shower invitation card. 

  • Before our friend/ (name ) walks down the aisle let’s all surprise her with a bridal shower. Join me ladies  (date, time and venue)

  • My little princess is all set to have a fairytale wedding. And I’m itching to throw a bridal shower for my girl. It’ll be a surprise and a welcome one. So let’s get together on (date, time and venue)

  • Just a few days and our dear friend will be a Mrs. Till the time she is a Miss, let’s raid her outhouse for a bridal shower. Come over there at (date and time)

  • Best wishes, blessings and love for our sweet little miss who will now be a mrs. Come for her bridal shower (details)

  • A dream wedding is coming true. And a bridal shower is due. From the bridesmaids to the bride-to-be, with love.

  • Let’s shower the beautiful bride-to-be with her favorite flowers, food and music. Let’s dance away the night on her bridal shower.

  • Her wedding is round the corner. The best thing to do is to take a deep breath and chill out on a bridal shower. The theme is beachwear. Do come. 

  • We would be delighted if you could join us for our dear daughter’s bridal shower. (you can fill up the name of the bride-to-be and the details later in all the messages you like and do replace the ‘she’ and ‘her’ with the name of the lucky girl.)

  • This girl’s getting hitched and her best friends are throwing a bridal shower. Yes we’re talking about our very own Miss Perfectionist. She’s getting married and there’s no way we are going to let her get away with a spotless bridal shower. It’s a garden party theme and we’re all going to order her to let her hair down. Joining the bandwagon?

  • With immense pleasue we request you to join us at the spa for bridal shower of our beautiful daughter on the joyous occasion of her upcoming wedding. 

  • Wedding bells are ringing for our love birds. So let’s throw a bridal shower for our beautiful bride’s love-laden path in future. 

  • She’s tying the knot and is tied up with wedding preparations. So let’s give her a well-deserved time-out with a bridal shower. 

  • Let’s celebrate her D-day in style that matches the fashionista bride-to-be’s style statement. We’re throwing a bridal shower and the theme is, you guessed it right, fashion icons. So put your best foot forward. 

  • It’s time to spoil the bride to be. Let’s all get pampered, too. Come to the spa bridal party for Jill and the bridesmaids on (Date, time, venue). 

  • Please join us as we shower Andrea White with best wishes and a memorable day of bliss before she becomes a bride. The shower party in her honor will be on (Date, time, venue).

  • Our dear friend Lee is now a bride-to be. Let us gather on a special day to honor her. We’re planning a surprise bridal shower party on (Date, time, venue). RSVP (name and contact number).

  • Let’s gather in a garden where herbs and flowers grow, To share some salads, biscuits and tea , With girly gifts and well-wishes in tow. Please come to the green-themed bridal shower party honoring Gina. On (Date, time, venue). RSVP (name and contact number).

  • One last weekend before the big day, We will spend the precious time with the bride to be, Please join us for a weekend bridal shower from (date) to (date) honoring Leila.RSVP to Janice before (date).

  • Reds and whites, roses and limes,Let’s honor a lady who knows good taste and wines. Please come to the bridal shower party for Sandra on Friday, April 24, 2015 4:00 p.m. at the Brooklyn Winery 213 North 8th St., Brooklyn, NY. RSVP to Denise before April 15.

  • Please join us as we honor bride-to-be Janet in an afternoon of tea and cakes. To make it more exciting, we’re doing a Mad Hatter theme tea party on (Date, time, venue). RSVP (name and contact number).

  • Laces and frills and all that thrills will come next after the wedding. But before that happens we will gather and celebrate to honor the bride-to-be in a sexy lingerie-themed bridal party to honor Debbie on (Date, time, venue). RSVP (name and contact number). Debbie is a size 36B.

  • The big day is soon, but before that day, I would like to honor my bridesmaids with a shower party. Please join us for a night of food and pampering on Saturday, May 2 at 6 o’ clock in the evening at the Fairlawns Hotel and Spa. RSVP before April 20 to Sheryl at 342 716 4263.

  • Dan and Diana will tie the knot soon. Come join us for a Couple’s Wedding Shower as they celebrate the last days of singlehood. The beach party will be on (Date, time, venue). RSVP (name and contact number).

  • We’re cooking up a party in honor of the bride-to-be Amelie. Please come and join us as we shower her with love, gifts, and easy recipe ideas you can share on (Date, time, venue). RSVP (name and contact number).

  • The singlehood journey’s almost done, Let’s cap it with an afternoon of fun. Before she walks down the aisle, We’ll shower the bride-to-be with no less than memorable party. Join us on (Date, time, venue). 

  • It’s raining, it’s pouring, But Anya’s love life is not boring.Because she’s getting hitched soon! Please come to the shower party . To honor the bride-to-be join us on (Date, time, venue). 

  • Let’s have a quick and fun getaway, Before Clarice says “I Do” on the big day, We’ll gather for day of meaningful fun and share some tips, memories, and all ideas under the sun. Please come to the shower party to honor Clarice on (Date, time, venue). RSVP (name and contact number).

  • Next month’s craft session will be sweet, For it will be a bridal shower treat ! Please join us as we honor our friend Ellen with a crafty shower party on (Date, time, venue). RSVP (name and contact number).

  • Come on over to a bridal shower, Let’s rock the house down! With music, food, and laughter as we honor the bride-to be! Please come to _______’s bridal shower on (Date, time, venue). RSVP (name and contact number).

  • Marriage is a journey of love for two, Let’s help Hannah prepare for this journey , With a travel-themed bridal shower party on (Date, time, venue). RSVP (name and contact number).

Hope you enjoyed reading our collection of Bridal Shower invitation wordings. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and send the Bridal Shower invites right away! 

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