Invitation Wordings for Retirement Party For Boss/ Sample Invitation Wordings for Retirment Party For Boss/ What to write in a Boss's Retirement Party Invitation Card 

Life outside office after a long stint of dedicatedly working day and night for the organization is a phase of life that is both emotional and nostalgic. 

Here’s how you can phrase the retirement party invitations of your boss when the latter retires from work. Read on to find the perfect invitation wordings for Retirment party for Boss.

  • You might be retiring from office but not work. We shall continue to nag our senior and our inspiration. We’re throwing a party specially  for you (details)

  • For years you have been a permanent feature of our organization. It’s hard to believe that you are retiring. With loads of best wishes for the life ahead we are organizing a party of our dearest boss and a wonderful human being.

  • We had become so accustomed to your sitting calmly in the office and solving our work and personal problems. So you might be retiring but you definitely can’t escape our constant nagging. We’ll follow you wherever you go. We’re throwing a retirement party for you just to deceive you into feeling free.

  • You are cordially invited for the retirement party of our dedicated and diligent member of the board of our directors.
  • Join us as we wish our boss and friend on his retirement (details)

  • We request the pleasure of your company in honouring our director on the occasion of his retirement. The retirement reception will be held on (details) 

  • Reminiscing the years gone by and wishing the best for the future will be the highlights of the retirement party of our senior. Join us as we all get together on (details)

  • Your guidance will be our inspiration in the years to come as we all party together. But this won’t be for the last time. You shall continue being a part of our organization forever.

  • A retirement reception to wish (name) on the beginning of a new chapter of his life. Do attend at (details)

  • Your stint over here will be fondly remembered by all. We’re hosting a party in your honour as you make new beginnings post-retirement.

  • Time for starting another venture – for yourself. Happy retirement. And as you take off on a new venture – that of enjoying life without the hassle of coming early to office and being the last one to leave – let’s all get together and raise a toast to all the good times we had.

Invitation Wordings for Retirement Party For Colleagues/ Sample Invitation Wordings for Retirment Party For Colleagues/ What to write in a Colleagues Retirement Party Invitation Card 

Colleagues make your working in the office worthwhile. But saying goodbye to them can leave you teary-eyed. Here are a few samples of invitation wordings that will help you overcome the hurdle of how to put things forward when your colleague retires. So go ahead and find the perfect wordings for a retirement party for a colleague.

  • It’s been so long that we’ve been working as a team. Your tenure here will e remembered by all of us. We are all coming together once again as a team for your retirement party.

  • You are taking with you a lot of memories, a bagful of reputation and a lifetime of colleagues who are more like a family. So let’s get together for your party.

  • Looking back, we are filled with a sense of pride by knowing you. Looking ahead, we are hopeful of a lifetime association. A retirement party is the least we can do for our hard-working colleague (name). So we request all to come at (details of date, time and venue).

  • Our colleague (name) might be retiring from this company but he is leaving behind goodwill and the very foundation of an organization to which he contributed the best years of his life. We will always be thankful to him for his dedicated endeavours to relentlessly strive for his team’s and organization’s success and prosperity. With all best wishes for great years ahead, let us all celebrate his long association with our company at his retirement party.

  • Now that (name) is retiring, we all are going to have a tough time getting used to life without yummy homemade cakes, finish pending assignments, share the daily gossip – in short, the fun times of office. But we all are getting together to wish her all the best in life. Enjoy the Sundays you so longed for girl. Enjoy life outside the 9 to 5 routine.

  • "Retirement is like a long vacation in Las Vegas. The goal is to enjoy it the fullest, but not so fully that you run out of money." - Jonathan Clements 

  • You are cordially invited to the retirement party of our colleague as we celebrate the times gone by and the times yet to come.

  • Kick back and relax time for our colleague and friend (name). Since he is retiring (only from work!) let’s make it a time to remember. 

  • Our colleague and friend has called it a day and would now be concentrating full-time to her doting grandchildren. Let’s get together to wish her the best in her new role.

Invitation Wordings for Retirement Farewell Party / Sample Invitation Wordings for Retirment Farewell Party / What to write in a Retirement Farewell Party Invitation Card 

The best way to celebrate a special occasion as retirement is to have a grand farewell party. Farewell party is indeed a special way to celebrate the past and look ahead to a period of rest for the retiree. 

A farewell retirement party is a common occasion in life  where co-workers and friends are invited  by sending an invitation card. If you are looking for the right words to write a retirement farewell  party invitation card, here are some sample invitation wordings for retirement farewell party that can come in handy. 

  • Please accept the invitation on behalf of ABC Enterprises as the company bids farewell to Mr. Remson, who has worked for the company for 25 years. As an employee of the company, you are invited to join the joyful occasion. You are cordially invited to the ABC function hall on 30 May at 5pm.

  • After 38 years of service, Mr. Benson is heading to a new stage of his life. He is also starting a new business venture on his own. Please join us in the Melancholy Arts room on 18 June at 1:00pm for his farwell lunch party.

  • Time flies! It is time to bid goodbye to our long time employee Mrs Sylvia. She is retiring after 30 years of her wonderful and dedicated service with the company and you all are invited for her retirement farewell party on 13 March, Friday at 4:30pm. Let us get together and congratulate her on her retirement day!

  • We invite you to bid farewell to our beloved employee Mr Stan, who is retiring after a dedicated service of  thirty-five long years. We request your presence for a retirement dinner in honour of  Mr Stan at 30 Hill view Hotel on 15 May, Friday at 7:30pm. Please join us to wish him the very best as he starts his well deserved rest and also his new business venture. 

  • No more On calls, endless meetings and long work days for Mr Peter, as he is retiring tomorrow after thirty years of service with the company. You are cordially invited to the company's board room for the farewell dinner party today at 7:30pm. Do join us to wish him the very best!

Hope these sample invitation wordings  will help you to write a perfect retirement farewell party invitation invite. 

Invitation Wordings Of Retirement Party For Teacher/ Retirement Party Invitation Wordings For Teachers / What to write in a Teacher's Retirement Party Invitation Card  

Teachers mould the malleable minds of the students to a form that helps them shape their destinies. Maybe this is the reason why we all remember our teachers even now. Here are a couple of retirement messages for the very special people in our lives, our teachers. Read on to find the pefect invitation wordings for teacher's retirement party. 

  • After 33 years of service as a teacher who has been a friend and guide to the students, we are nostalgic at Mrs. (Name’s) retirement. Let’s all come together to celebrate the times we all spent with her at a party on (details).

  • Please join us as we celebrate the retirement of our most loved and admired teacher.

  • A teacher who has been the custodian of our society too will be fondly remembered by all those whom she has touched with her infectious glow. So let’s celebrate her retirement and make it very special for her.

  • Thanking our loved teacher for being there for us as a friend, let us all get together for a small, informal retirement party.

  • A friend, a guide and a loving teacher. Remembering the days gone by with loving memories etched on the sands of time, you are cordially invited to her retirement party.

  • After 25 years as a loving teacher, Mrs. (name) is celebrating her retirement. Do join us as we bid her farewell.

  • Commendable is she. Admired is she. Ever the guiding light, an inspiration is she. Let’s celebrate the retirement of Mrs (name) with a party thrown in just for her.

  • It gives us immense pleasure to invite you to the retirement party of (name) to be held on (details)

  • We request the honor of your presence on the occasion of the retirement of (name) at (details).

  • A flawless teacher and a human being par excellence. Let’s get together at her retirement party and make her last day at school truly remarkable and memorable.

  • It’s her final assignment. Yes, Mrs (name) is retiring as a teacher. You are invited to her retirement party as she bids the school adieu.

  •  A teacher who will always be graded a straight ‘A’ in the memory and life of her students is retiring today. Let’s celebrate the retirement party of a truly wonderful person.

  • Retiring but never tiring of her dream to educate one and all. A retirement party for our admirable teacher.

  • A style icon and a teacher who always let her students be free from any expectations. We will miss our dearest Mrs (name). We are throwing a party in her honor and would like you to join us as we count the days gone by.

  • The friends and family of (name) cordially invite you to a retirement party after 30 years of dedication. 

  • A special occasion in the life of a very special person. Let’s get together and make the retirement party of (name) a memorable one.

  • We would appreciate it if you could join us for lunch at the retirement celebration of our dear (name).

  • Let’s walk down the memory lane as we celebrate the retirement party of our favorite teacher (name).

  • Reliving the days that we left behind, celebrating the days that are ahead. You are invited to the retirement party of our beloved teacher and friend (name).

  • Fond memories are made of these. Let’s all get together at the party of (name) as she retires after 25 years of service.

  • Today becomes yesterday with the passage of time. And today, it’s yesterday once more as we celebrate the retirement party of our dear (name). 

  • We would be delighted if you could join us as we celebrate the retirement party of a teacher who instilled the love of values in her students.

  • Not textbook but life. Join us as we celebrate the retirement party of a teacher who taught us our most valuable lesson – to live life for the moment.

  • From students, to Ma’am, with love. Join us as we celebrate the retirement party of our dear teacher.

  • Her success story is written in the success of her students. Let’s celebrate the retirement party of (name).
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