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College festivals offer an exciting and fun diversion from the rigors of campus life. If you are planning for the upcomong College Festival or College event and are looking for the perfect invitation wordings you have reached the right spot. 

Here are some sample invitation wordings ideas you can use for inviting the college crowd to join in and witness the College festival. Read on to find the perfect college festival invitation wordings from our collection of college festival invitation samples. 

  • College Film festival – The Theater Arts Department in collaboration with the Film Department invites you to the annual Film Festival of Wurheist University. All films produced by participating colleges will be shown from May 5, 2015 until May 12, 2015 at the University Theater. Tickets are free. Please contact Mr XX  at 8967653 or by email at for further details.

  • Renaissance Festival – Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Department of History invites you to the Bret University’s annual Renaissance Festival from June 1 – 7, 2015 at the College of Arts and Sciences Tent located outside the Burton Building. The week-long event will feature food booths, tournaments, theater performances, and a host of other Renaissance-themed activities. Renaissance costume is required before entering the fair grounds.  Come one, come all! 

  • Summer Music Fest – The South York University College of Music invites you to participate in the Summer Music Festival from June 1 to June 15, 2015. Competitions and performances of various instruments and music genres will be featured. Please contact Gerald Duncan thru for registration details. 

  • Arts festival – We are happy to announce that the 35th University Arts Festival is happening this April 5, 2015 where original students’ artworks will be on exhibit and will be up for sale. We invite you to support this festival by coming to this momentous whole-day event which will be at the Heather Hall of the College of Fine Arts. We hope to see you there!

  • Lantern festival – The University of Gilford cordially invites you to the annual Lantern Festival on November 16, 2015. This yearly tradition will feature various lantern creations of students from different colleges. The festival will start with a parade at exactly 4:00 p.m. There will also be food booths and shows to entertain all guests.  Bring your friends with you and let us all revel beneath the light of the moon. 

  • Choral festival - The Berkshire College of Music invites everyone to come and witness the performances of choral groups from different colleges showcasing 20th century music compositions on March 17, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the main auditorium of the University Theater. 

  • Jazz festival – It is a privilege to host this year’s University Jazz Festival which will provide a great opportunity for displaying the musical talents of students from different colleges. The Oxford College of Music invites any enrolled student from any college department to participate in this annual event. Please contact to request application forms and for other details of this event.

  • Rock festival - Are you ready for an all-out Rock Concert? This will be the ultimate inter-campus Rock event featuring different rock bands from each college. The top 3 Rock bands shall be recognized by no other than our local rock sensation, Razorback! They will be rocking us to the end to cap the night! Don't miss out on this epic event. Call or Email Yvette Lucena 09556678787 /

  • Dance festival - Our annual foundation day celebration will be a bit different this year with the introduction of the first dance festival! Register your dance group now or you may also do a solo performance. Contact Renz Lucas at the central student council office or you may email him at

  • Design festival - Calling all engineering and industrial design students. We invite you to come and join Guillford University's design festival focusing on waste disposal management. A working prototype is required. All works will be exhibited at the main hall for a week. Demonstrations will be required. For more details, visit and register.

  • Book festival - Attention all bookworms! Delight at the sight of books from your favorite genres! Sell or swap any book on this glorious day. Senator and writer William Billings will be gracing this wonderful event with her book signing session. Visit your student council now or you can proceed to our university's home page to register.

  • Writers’ Festival - Have you ever wanted to write but don't know how to go about it? Or are you a seasoned writer looking for other ways to jog your creativity? Join De Joya University's Writers' festival this coming month. There will be a workshop on creative writing, featuring bestselling authors Arthur Bren and Linda Pyzot who will be giving talks on how to jumpstart your writing skills and improve on your current level of writing.

  • World travel festival by the college of tourism - Throughout the history of the world, today's travel has never been this easy for all of humanity. Find out how you can travel smart and maximize your budget. Invite friends and relatives to come and witness this event. Who knows, you and your family could be flying out to your favorite destination in no time. Our dedicated students will be presenting travel packages not commonly offered by your local travel agent. For reservations, contact Ellen Smith, dean of Tourism College, 8874353 or email

  • Shakespearean festival – The University Thespian Club invites all performing artists from all colleges to audition in the upcoming production, The Midsummer Night’s Dream to be shown during the annual Shakespearean festival. Auditions will be held on March 1, 2015 at the University Theater starting at 8:00 a.m. Please coordinate with Lowell Greene via mobile at 9877579 for more details.

  • Robotics festival - Our fascination with robotics is ever increasing. Applications are almost endless and the possibilities are becoming realities at an even faster pace. Come and enjoy Polytechnic University of the Grenada's 9th annual Robotics Festival. Our bright young students will be showcasing their latest creations ranging from the most entertaining to the most practical designs for everyday life. Call Robert Chua at 8184435673 or email for more details. 

  • Action Movie Festival – The Institute for Film and Theater invites you to the annual festival featuring the Action Movie Theme. The event will start on October 10, 2015 and will end on October 25, 2015 at the University Theater. Tickets are free but you must come in your favorite action movie character attire. For details please contact Mary at 9218637 or visit our facebook page. 

  • Anime Festival – The Department of Asian Studies present to you this semester’s Anime Festival featuring cosplay shows, artist booths, food stall, jpop concerts concerts, and more! Come in anime costumes and get a chance to win prizes.

  • Dessert Festival – The College of Culinary arts invites you “Sugar High!” – a week-long dessert festival from August 7-14, 2015 at the lobby. Sugar binge starts and 2p.m. until 4p.m. Get to sample various dessert treats prepared by various culinary classes. Samplings are free as long as you participate in a survey.

  • Discover the past. Connect with the present. The Department of Anthropology cordially invites you to the Ancient History Festival from September 1 – 7, 2015 at the Breton Hall Lobby. See the latest exhibits and watch feature films for free. For more information, check out our Facebook page.

  • Come one, come all! Join us as we celebrate the North Brook University Halloween Festival from October 25- 31, 2015. Freaks are welcome! Come in costume to have access to the free cocktail bar. 

  • It’s a Date! The Pi Alpha Sorority invites all you gorgeous campus ladies to our Feminist Valentine’s Festival at the Multipurpose Hall of the University Gym on February 14, 2016. Lots of activities, kinks, and overflowing food await you. Tickets are available at the designated booths around the campus. 

  • The ECE majors of the College of Engineering invite you to the annual pyrotechnics festival which on November 20, 2015. This annual tradition will feature various fireworks displays designed by of students of the ECE Department. Cast your vote and get a chance to win a free buffet treat after the festival. 

  • Bookworms unite! Come to the University Book Festival that will start on August 5 and end on August 15. Activities include book signing, book barter, bargain book sale, and poetry reading. See you there! 

  • Get into the groove of the 80s. Come join us in a night of fun featuring the music of the 80s. If you love the 80s decade, the College of Music invites you all to be at the quadrangle to listen, dance, and relive this new wave era on the 8th of September, 2015. The eighties festival fun will be from 6pm until 12 midnight.

  • The College of Education invites all aspiring educators to our Little Learners Festival. There will be booths featuring the latest learning toys for young learners, workshops on different teaching techniques, and lots of freebies from our sponsors. The event will be at the Maria Montessori Hall from October 1 -15, 2015. See you there!

  • The University of Colorado invites all incoming university students to the annual Freshmen Festival. This 2-day event will be held on August 5-7, 2015 at the University Gym. What’s in store for you? It’s a surprise. Just bring your university ID.

  • The world is a stage and you are on it. The College of Theater Arts invites you to come join our festival of drama and acting. You do not need to be an actor. We will let you experience the world of acting in an unforgettable event. Come as you are.

  • The University of South Hampton invites you to the Smorgasbord, a food festival featuring the local food of various cultures. The food festival will be on the 10th of November, 2015, starting at 10 a.m. at the university food court. Tickets are available at the main entrance.

  • The Department of Interior Design invites everyone to its annual room makeover festival. The exhibits will be from January 7 up to 14th, 2016. Entrance is free.

  •  The College of Home Economics celebrates its foundation day by featuring the Futuristic Beauty Festival. This will be hosted by the Department of Fashion and Beauty. There will be fashion shows, free hair and makeup makeover, fashion consultation, and various booths. Visit the Johnson’s Hall on December 2-7 and be amazed at what the future brings to your sense of style! 

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