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Bachelor Party Invitation Wordings/ Sample Invitation Wordings For Bachelorette Party / What To Write In A Bachelor Party Invitation Card

Bachelor party is synonymous with fun and edgy humor. And invitation messages for a bachelor party are no different. Read on to find the perfect Bachelor Party Invitation card wordings.

While writing invitation messages for bachelorette party, bear in mind that the language may be informal but the main points should be clear. For instance, the theme of the party, dress code, timings and venue should be mentioned clearly on the invites. Here is an amazing collection of sample invitation wordings for bachelorette party.

  • This is the in-between time of bye-bye bachelorhood and hello marriage! So let’s live it up one more time. Come and party on at…..on……..

  • No more days of single and ready to mingle. And that’s reason enough to P-A-R-T-Y.

  • Mark your calendar ol’ boy. Unlimited fun is coming your way.

  • Boy meets girl. They fall in love and get married. But before that his friends throw a big party and have a date with fun. Don’t miss.

  • Our buddy is getting hitched. It’s our turn to paint the town red. So what are you waiting for? Hop in.

  • It’s party time. Rock on at …..

  • I took my time to decide to get married. But I’m not wasting any more time in enjoying my bachelor party with my childhood buddies. So let’s meet up at……

  • We’ve sneakily slipped in a surprise bachelor bash for our dear friend who will soon be bidding adieu to his single days. So tiptoe at ……………….on………………….sharp. Don’t let anyone know.

  • Before our friend walks down the aisle, let’s indulge in male bonding session. Do come at ……

  • The groom-to-be is celebrating his last days of singlehood in style. Hold the date for …… 

  • Let us make it a blast event for our dear Harry. Join us  on (date and time) at  (venue).  Be there for this fun and memorable event, count yourself in!

  • Before two becomes one, you are invited to a night of fun.  Add wild ideas multiplied by hilarious party activities. 

  • Guys let us rock the stag night with music and drinks.  Prepare a  send-off message through a song (a few lines will do), do not worry “The Voice” judges will not be around. 

  • Top Secret:   Harry’s Bachelor Party ! “Men in Black” theme , be one of us! Be there sharp.

  • The groom-to-be minus the bride, let us steal him for a night.  Join Harry for a starry starry night of partying! 

  • In honor of our dear brother, Harry, join us as we celebrate his singleness before his wedding day. 

  • Last two minutes with Harry….shoot that ball event with the best man and brothers in sports.  Come with your shorts and jersey basketball uniform. 

  • The last days of bachelorhood will come to an end, you are invited to a  bachelor party weekend with Harry. 

  • All the best for the luckiest groom-to-be, join us as we give the last hooray of singleness for Harry on (date and time) at (venue).

  • Days are counting before he takes the bride to the altar.  You are invited to Freedom Harry Party!  One crazy night will nail it, be part of it.

  • Fill the room with surprises with the groom-to-be, Harry will be happy to see you during his bachelor party.  You are invited, your presence will be greatly appreciated.

  • A gentleman and a few real good men in a one night party celebration.  You are cordially invited on (date and time) at (venue).  

  • Bachelor Party Invitation wording from the Best Man:

I will stand beside the man I knew more than half of my lifetime on his wedding day.  Time flies my childhood buddy now a grown-up man. I laugh with his wildest jokes and shared crazy teenage party nights.  I remember when he called middle of the night, he cried for an hour because his first love broke his heart.  Now, when he told me he finally met his queen and serious about marrying her.  I cried. Again what?  No, this guy is not in love with Harry.  A cry of happiness for him, I saw his eyes glowing when he introduced (name of bride-to-be) to me for the first time, I knew how happy everytime he was with her. His world is everything about her.  

I am happy to be his best man, his friend, and brother. 
I am honored to invite you to a bachelor party for Harry on (date and time) at (venue).

The Best Man

·  A toast party for a groom-to-be, join the party on (date and time) at (venue). 

·  Boys night out! You are invited to a  celebration of manhood.  Expect the unexpected, do not miss it. 

A bachelor  party is indeed the one moment that the groom-to-be will never forget before he ties the knot.  If you are the best man, a close friend, or a brother busy preparing for the details of the bachelor party for the groom-to-be, make sure that planning is well coordinated to make this event a success.  Think about his personality and interest so that the party is a sure hit.

A bachelor party invitation can be sent one month before the scheduled date so that proper planning and confirmation can be done.  

Hope you enjoyed reading the sample invitation wording for bachelorette party. So go ahead and choose the best invitation wording and send the Bachelor party invites today! 

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