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Sample Invitation Wordings for Farewell Party/ What To write In A Farewell Party Card Invite/Invitation Wordings for Farewell Party

Farewell is a time for closing of one cycle. An emotional period, one has to be sensitive but not too sentimental while sending invitations for farewell party. The occasion could be retirement, resignation, a family member going abroad for further studies or a group of students giving a party to their seniors. The tone changes but the core sentiments remain the same.

Here are a few sample invitation messages for farewell partyRead on to find the perfect wordings for farewell party invitation cards. 
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  • You are cordially invited to an evening filled with memories and recounting interesting tales over drinks and dinner at the farewell party of...........(mention  name, designation and paty venue along with date and time and dress code)

  • It’s time to bid Mr........ au revoir. Let’s make his farewell party a memorable one.

  • Bidding goodbye to our friend and colleague is going to be tough. But time does not stand still for anyone. Do come at..............(details)

  • Our senior students have been great companions and friends. As they stand on the threshold of their new lives, let’s get together one last time over dance, music and memories.
  • Dear Team members, As you would be knowing, Mr...... is retiring from our company after .....years of dedicated and committed tenure during which he has proved to be an irreplaceable asset to our company. You are cordially invited to his farewell party at the office premises......................(details)

  • A theatre persona par excellence, Ms.............. would be performing for the last time on stage tonite before she embarks on her new journey as a .......................... You are requested to remain seated for a delightful evening with her. May we state that the farewell party is only for the discerning few who have bought platinum lounge tickets. (Date, time, RSVP, dress code)

  • Kindly come for the farewell party of our seniormost colleague and an excellent team leader as we go down the memory lane remembering his invaluable contribution to our organization.

  • Our dear friend and colleague is leaving our company to follow her dreams as a film script writer. We wish her all the luck for a successful stint. She shall be missed by both seniors and juniors alike. We are organizing an informal farewell party for her which we hope you would attend.

  • My sister is flying abroad for pursuing higher studies. Please join us as we all get together to wish her luck and success. 

Sample Invitation Wordings for Farewell Party Of a Colleague/What To write In A Colleagues Farewell Party Card Invite/Invitation Wordings for Colleagues Farewell Party

Your colleague is leaving and you want to invite one and all for the farewell party. Yet you are unsure about what to write in the Invitation card or e-mail. Stop worrying! Here is a list of excellent sample invitation messages that can be used to write on the invitation card for the farewell party of a colleague.

  • One of our dearest colleagues, Mr XYZ is leaving us as a he got another job offer in a reputed company. In this regard, our team is having a farewell party. You all are cordially invited. So join us tomorrow at BBC Hall at 4 p.m. Please be there on time. See you there guys!

  • You are invited! Mr Ramos, a good friend and a colleague of all of us informed this morning that he is leaving the company to start his own business. We are pleased to invite you to the farewell party to wish him good luck for his future venture. Do join us at our company function hall on 30th April, at 5:30pm. Your presence is highly appreciated.
  • Goodbye Time! Marianne is leaving us to set sail on a new adventure. Come and wish her well as she begins a new chapter in her life. April 30 at 7-8pm, The Kent House, 30 Rockville Street, Virginia. RSVP at 201 987 1786.

  • Dear Colleagues, You are invited to a farewell party of Mr XYZ. He is leaving us after 12 years of dedicated service. Please join us at 4pm on Wednesday, 14th March to bid him farewell and to wish him all the best for all his future endeavours. Let us also have a great time together on this special occasion. 

  • Dear Team members, as you all would be aware, Mr XXXX is leaving the company to pursue his own business. His exemplary leadership skills and commitment towards work is an invaluable asset that is hard to replace. You are invited to his Farewell party on 8 Dec, Friday at 4:30pm. Do join us and share a few words about your experience working with him and wish him all the best.

  • Ms Lucy is leaving us to pursue her further studies. Join us for a teatime farewell. August 11 at 4pm at the Office hall next to the canteen.
  • Farewell to Amanda! Join us to bid a fond farewell to Amanda Hopscotch before she heads to Montreal for her further studies. Rock dance on 16 August at 6:30pm and dinner at 7pm at Hotel Farawalk, 131 drive, Atlanta. Please RSVP to Maggi at 293 465 7989.

  • If you are busy at office and do not have time to write an invitation, use a prewritten format, personalize it and invite your colleagues. Let not your lack of proficiency in writing an invitation card or lack of time; stop you from inviting your colleagues for a farewell party.

Sample Invitation Wordings for School Farewell Party/ What To write In A School Farewell Party Card Invite/Invitation Wordings for School Farewell Party

A stage of life comes to an end. Everyone has a last year in school. School farewell party is both an occasion of gladness and sadness. The joy of entering a new world and the sadness of leaving the comfortable gang of friendship. 

Let not the emotions prevent you from writing an excellent invitation to all your guests. Here are few examples of  how  you  can write school farewell party invitation cards.Read on to find the perfect invitation wordings for school farewell party. 

  • Hats off to our Grads! You are cordially invited to Metta  School Farewell Party as you  have contributed much to the school. We hope you will join us for this joyful occasion. It will be an evening of dinner and lots of fun memories. (When, Where, Attire and RSVP).

  • We are holding a  farewell party to bid adieu to our school students. You are cordially invited to the occasion. Join us in the lieu and make their farewell memorable.  It will be an evening of fun, laughter, farewell speech, snacks and sweet memories. (When, Where, Attire and RSVP).

  • Elite Academy School is inviting you to the 26th School Graduation party. Come dressed in your formal wear for an evening of fun, dinner and farewell speeches. Be at the School hall at 6pm on 29 October 2014.

  • Invitation letter for a Chief Guest:  Dear Sir, You are cordially invited to the Choice School farewell party of 2014 batch students.  The event is scheduled on 30 October, Thursday. We are waving a last goodbye to our students before their final exams. Many of our students have spend at least 10 long years in our school. You have attended various functions in our school and given inspirational messages to our students. It would be our pleasure if you could preside over the function. There will be dinner,  few cultural programs of our students and farewell messages by our staff.

  • We are expecting a positive reply from your side and we would love to hear from you. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.     

  • Prime School cordially invites you to the 2014 School Graduation Party. It is time to wave goodbye to our next batch of students before their final exams. You are invited to this occasion as you have worked with our students on various occasions. It will be an evening of fun, farewell speech and dinner and it is our pleasure to have you with us.  
Our Chief Guest: Mr. Orlandon Bloom

When:  XXXX

Where:  XXXX

Attire:  (Based on the theme of the day)

RSVP :  (by 21 December 2014)

With these sample  invitation wordings  as the ones above , you can invite guests for the School farewell party and convey good wishes to outgoing batch of students. Invite the guests for the school farewell party with well written invitation cards. Together with the invited guests convey good wishes to students and make their farewell party memorable.

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Wordings for Teachers / What To write In A Farewell Party Card Invite To Teachers /Invitation Wordings for Farewell Party Invitation For Teachers

Writing an invitation to welcome teachers for a Farewell party is not something easy. Students may  not be  confident about writing one and would worry if the teachers would spot any mistakes in their invitation. Here are some sample invitation letters to welcome teachers to a Farewell party.

Dear Teachers

We as students of Grade 9 cordially invite you to the farewell party of our seniors on 29 October in the School hall at 5pm. You can contributed much to impart wisdom and knowledge to us as students and have taught as key values as resilience. 

All expense for the party are met by the students. We sincerely welcome you to this occasion and we look forward to your presence at the Farewell.

It will be an evening of fun, dinner and farewell speech. Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully
Grade 9 students.

Dear Ms. Duncan, On 15 June 2015, Final year students of our school are heaving a farewell. You are cordially invited to attend the party and bless the students before their exam. Good teachers like you are extremely rare to find. Your words of wisdom will remain in their hearts forever and it will be great if you can attend and function and inspire students to do their best. Venue: Magpie Seniors hall Time: 6:30pm.Look forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

Dear Mdm Samantha, Join us as we bid farewell to our final year School students on 19 June 2014 at 5pm at our School hall. You are cordially invited as you made our children to love Science. No one could inspire students to love Science like you did.  Kindly accept our invitation and attend the evening function filled with fun, cultural activities, farewell speech and high tea.Let us together bid adieu to students as they begin a new chapter of their life!Thanks in advance, School Committee.

Dear Mr. Duncan Watt, It is time of the year again to say Goodbye to our Final year students. Join us as we bid adieu to our students after spending several years in this school. Please join the Farewell party on 19 March, Thursday 4 pm in the School hall with an inspirational farewell message. Being a humorous English teacher, you could beautifully paint words to keep everyone cheerful during the party. Accept our invitation and we would be glad to see you at  the party.  Kindly let us know if you could avail yourself at the party.

Thank you in advance! Regards, Prime School student's committee.

With simple words, a farewell party invitation can be crafted without much effort. Remember to show respect towards your teacher and keep it formal. Tell why you would like to see your teacher at the party and make your invitation more personal. Any teacher would be glad to attend the Farewell party to bid adieu to her beloved students.

Sample Invitation Wordings for College Farewell Party/ What To write In A College Farewell Party Card Invite/Invitation Wordings for College Farewell Party

College farewell parties are exciting as it brings alive the days of happiness spend in the college campus. Bidding farewell can be painful at the same time. 

So if you are looking for the perfect invitation wordings for a college farewell party, here are some sample invitation wordings for college farewell party you can use. Read on to find the perfect college farewell party invitation wordings. 

  • Hats off to all Grads! Time has passed so fast and it is graduation time. Please join us in celebration in honour of our 19th batch Science students. Saturday, 28 April, 5pm, The Paton Hall, 135 Kennedale Ave. RSVP – 302 545 7289.

  • The School days are behind and it is time to graduate. Join us for a graduation Party in Honour of our 95th Batch Chemistry graduates on Friday, 8pm, 25 January,   The Confetti Hall, 312 Kenbridge Ave.  RSVP:nathangraduates@gmail.com.

  • Please grant us the pleasure by attending the farewell party of D batch students of our college, as they are about to graduate and pursue future endeavors. The party will be held on 09/09/2015 at Hill Garden Hall, 1600 Grand Avenue St. Paul, MN 55105.We hope to see you in this wonderful event.
  • Join us with pleasure for the Farewell event of 35th batch Bachelor of Arts Students as they graduate to pursue their dreams. The party will be held on 28 February, 2015, Friday at  4:30 pm, at the College Auditorium, Harvard College 86 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA 02138.

  • Dear All, Autosh and Primal - two of our classmates are leaving our college to pursue another course of their choice. Having studied with us for over an year, it is time to bid farewell, not an absolute goodbye though… Venue: All-time favorite Arts Hall @ St. Peter’s College Time: Wednesday, 4:30 pm, 13 March. RSVP: asutoprimalfarewell @ yahoo.com

  • As one of our batch-mate is leaving us to pursue another course, it is time bid farewell to Malinda Geraldine. You are invited. Venue: Art Hall, Date:20 March, Wednesday at 5pm. RSVP:malindafarrewell@yahoo.com

  • College Farewell Dinner: You are invited for a College farewell dinner on 13 April, 7:30pm at Park n’ Dine restaurant, Hall B, 17 Salameria Drive. RSVP: 89102134098.
  • You are cordially invited to attend Institute of Hotel Management farewell party, Class of 2015 on Saturday 29 July at 5:30pm for reception and buffet dinner thereafter at Mayor Hotel,676 Drive West, College Road. RSVP: 782923121212.

  • You are invited! Marine Institute of Technology, Class of 2015 college Farewell Party Date: 14TH January, 6:30pm for Dinner, Venue: College Auditorium RSVPS: SMS @ 67267228981.

  • Bidding Farewell to Institute of Machinery, 19th Batch, Class of 2014 students! Join us on 17 August at 4.00pm at the Kingsgate Sports Hall, 86 Brattle Street. RSVP before 10 August at batch19farewell@gmail.com.

Now you can indeed write an invitation for a college farewell party with ease. Personalize it and send your invitation in style.

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