Sample Invitation Wordings For Birthday Party in a Restaurant

Sample Invitation Wordings for Birthday Party in a Restaurant/ Restaurant Birthday Party Invitation Wording

Birthday parties in an upscale restaurant or a nightclub are a private affair with your selected group of people. Here is a collection of sample invitation wordings for Birthday party in a restaurant.

  • It’s my son’s birthday and I’m definitely avoiding the hassles of organizing a party at my place. I want to enjoy too. So the party is at this swanky new restaurant opened just across the street. Do join us. 

  • With renovation and all happening, this time the birthday party is at this quiet restaurant which offers great discounts on drinks too. What are we waiting for then?

  • We are all young working people. And it’s my birthday when you guys should treat me. So no more burning a hole in our parents’ pocket or cribbing about how less our pocket money is. We’re going Dutch at my birthday party. Trust me the bill is going to be less than if we go all by ourselves (I’ve checked the prices and the menu plus, special discounts are made to be utilized). So we’re all meeting right after office. 

  • Ok so we all love drinking and partying. But it’s the end of the month that my birthday chooses to sneak in. So one drink is on the tab of each one of us. No complaining. I’m paying for the food. So be a sport guys. Think of the budget.

  • For Dad’s 70th birthday, I would be pleased if you could join us for dinner at the restaurant (give name and address). I would gratefully appreciate if you could foot the bill for desserts. The food and drinks have been arranged by us. Hope you would acknowledge our sincere attempt at inviting all of Dad’s friends and colleagues to make this occasion a memorable one.

  • You are cordially invited to join the family and friends of (name) for his 60th birthday at the restaurant which is just off the street. The restaurant’s rules request the guests to be seated by 8 pm. So please be punctual.

  • We’re having a pay your own way party at this plush restaurant since we all have started earning and since we don’t want me to rob a bank. And also since we love to check out new places. So be there. And please, no gifts. Keep your cheque books happy and cash registers ringing. See you at 7 pm.  

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