Invitation Wordings for 30th Birthday Party

Sample Invitation Wordings For 30th Birthday Party/Invitation Wordings Samples For 30th Birthday Party/ 30th Birthday Party Invitation Wordings

Are you about to turn 30 and planning to celebrate the joyous occasion with your friends and relatives. Or someone special you know is going to be 30 years soon and you want to plan a surprise party. Well no worries help is at hand.  

If you are unsure on what to say for the 3Oth birthday party invitation read on to find the perfect sample invitation wordings for 30th birthday party .

  • Turning Thirty....-  There will be thirty candles on Dalton's cake.Yes! You are invited to celebrate Dalton's 30th Birthday on  5 Jan, Friday at 7pm @ Cafe's O Cafe Restaurant,  150 Pen Drive, New York. Please RSVP at 510 898 1034 before 3 Jan.

  • Let us go back to our college days with Pony tails, Metal bracelets, Polka dot tops, Leggings and our old style college wear and celebrate Marianna's 30th birthday. Our old college memories will come again with party, fun and dance. Join us at The Smile Home, 30 Orchard Plaza, Pelangi.  Please RSVP by mail: tana1sbirthday

  • Mane is turning  a big 30..... Please join us for a surprise party for Mane's 30th birthday party. Feb 14 2015, 7pm , The Grace House, 123 Ave, Bergman street. RSVP to Natasha before 8 Feb at 301 555 8822.

  • There will be 30 candles for Harry's birthday cake. Please join us for Harry's 30th birthday bash on 67 Hill walk street , Chicago, Illinois, on Friday, 15 April and 7:30pm. RSVP by  8 April at 122 309 3445.

  • Terrific Birthday Bash as Mandy turns 30.....Please join us for a surprise birthday bash to honour Mandy Mendez on his 30th birthday. Be there on  June 15 at 7pm at The Open Plaza, Mandarin Gardens, Canal Road. *Semi Formal Attire Please.

  • Put on your dancing shoes and join us for dance cum Birthday Bash. Please join us for Amanda's 30th birthday. It will be an evening of fun, dance and dinner on 30 January, 6:30pm at Le Paris Restaurant, 75 Paris Ave, California. Dress to impress.  RSVP before 25 January.

  • Jack is turning 30...  Let us celebrate together!  Date: 15 January, Time: 7pm, Venue: Oceania Restaurant, 15 Milwauke avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Dress to impress in Semiformal attire. RSVP to Kayle at 925678922 before 10 January.

  • Mega Birthday Bash: Amie turns big 30! Join us to celebrate her surprise birthday party at her home,  14 West Plaza street, Megletons, Australia on 17 March at 8pm. RSVP to Marilyn at 7787891900 before 12 March.

So if  you or your loved one is turning 30, simply choose the perfect invitation card for the birthday party using all the examples above. 

Some of the examples of 30th Birthday invitation wordings might be the exact one you may be looking for, while some others may inspire you to write your own personalized 30th birthday invitation cards.  

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